That MY HEART may go on…

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Do you ever feel a strong pang or spasm within you whenever you recall a certain disheartening event from your past? Even though it’s meant to be locked-up and discarded far away from your subconscious, it still finds its way to interrupt the joy you thought you have built for the present day, and shatters all the dreams for your future plans.

Some call it unforgettable memories; many call it the past that never left; to others, it is the wound that never heals! Whatever name it’s called, believe me, every single woman reading this has experienced dealing with one or more!

We’ve all had that heart fracture, heart split, from the goofy lover-boy from down the street with tales so tall it hurts! Some from intimate family issues that never were resolved, complicated relationships, loveless marriages, lost love due to separation, divorce, death or childhood trauma that’s now affecting our adult lives.

We all know someone still battling with the weight of the pain from their past, that’s crippling their heart and holding them back from approaching a whole new life that God has in store for them!

Isn’t it time to walk out of the ICU of our mindset? After listening to people who have walked similar paths?  Isn’t it time to trust our hearts to beat again and move on?

How do we explain the fear of the thought of sex or just being touched even with the one we have been married to? Or why the addiction to sex is just a carryover of the foundation we were forcefully introduced to during our innocent childhood? Or why we have to be so insecure and never able to trust anyone again, calculating and playing vigilante with every prospective suitor? especially after trust has been broken, either mentally, physically or emotionally? How do we allow our hearts to go on? How do we love again…

“Ring-a-ring o’ roses, a pocket full of posies, A-tishoo! A-tishoo! We all fall down”

What do I do when instead of spontaneous falling and getting back up again in my childish glee and giggle, I am held down by the shackles of trauma… molestation… fingering… rape… incest… emotional neglect… physical abuse? And we hide under the umbrella of a barbaric culture that silenced the victim’s voice but uphold the face of the culprit! should we just bury it in a place so far deep in our subconscious, that it ceases to exist? Hmmm or did it really happen? Have we been brainwashed to believe it never happened? What do you think?

Volcano: 1 in 3 people were abused in childhood and carry these scars to adulthood. Sequelae: Fear of intimacy, Sexual acting out and Addiction

Frigidity: Anger, bitterness, resentment, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Dysphoria, irritability Sleep problems, flash backs, Anxiety, Hyper-vigilance.

Come April 27th to April 29th, all of the above and more will be discussed at the 2017 Total Woman Conference by seasoned speakers who will also be providing one-on-one counselling.

Forget the hurts of the past, Forsake unwholesomeness,  Forge ahead in the power and authority of Christ, Forge into new frontiers of love peace & prosperity”

And because sometimes, life is a game that will always be played on, but God’s love is always unconditional and never changes! Let’s be deliberate by being a part of the movement that aims to turn our pain into gain and propels us to become THAT woman God predestined us to be.

Don’t let the pain you are going through deter God’s purpose in your life.

To be continued. logo-tw

Yours in HOPE

Yinka & Enitan.

TWC Workshop Team.



21 thoughts on “That MY HEART may go on…

  1. I came across this article on my friends profile page and just had to visit the blog site for more.
    This is truly a reminder of the seasons of life women goes through and could go to their grave carrying burden of grieve no one knows about.

    This article shows that no matter what life dishes us, our foundational problems, if not taken care of could damage every good thing coming its way.

    I would suggest you look into hosting women’s talk show someday and feed your audience with your gifting.
    This is more than glorified coaches and motivational speakers who are forcefullly flashing false stories all over the wide world web. You write from your heart with no pride.

    Thanks for sharing this article.
    Your artists intention are genuine and real. I am inspired.

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  2. Dear Yinks!
    Your mind still has a lot to offer the world! Great write up as always! #ShareYourStoryInDubai
    Permit me to share this link with my publicist here!

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  3. ‘A barbaric culture that still silences the voice of the victim”
    Ms. Yinka, excellent piece!!
    Please permit me to post on my blog page and Facebook?

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  4. I was a victim in my teens, am a mother now and still hides the pain of remembrance.
    You are indeed a blessing and a bold messenger of peace.
    Just amazing.

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  5. Yinka, God bless your mind. This message is all for me. What fancy paychecks and glamorous clothing covers, only our consciousness suffers the deeds.
    Thank you!

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  6. Love Love Love… such an aweosme piece. TWC 2017 is really the place to be. We need to start addressing these issues and not hiding them. #tiredoffeelingguilty

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