Treading down our AISLEs…

Sometime ago while grocery shopping with my kids, I noticed each one of them had a “favorite food” aisle they were planning on visiting and didn’t have any problem tossing into my cart all the goodies “their food aisle” had to offer, of course, it wasn’t burdensome to them, because with their little minds – at the end of that aisle, there will be a cash register where mommy will eventually pay for all their goodies. Case closed!

The Aisle we all know is with the ceremonial procession of a bride, under the veil of glamour and grandeur. Sometimes, there is mixed emotion and contagious excitement. The feelings mutual, infectious yet uncertain, but with paraded faith and exposed passion.

On everyday terms, we encounter various degrees of AISLEs in our lives. It could be a passage way dividing or leading to something great in our lives. It could be a corridor of success, hallway of achievement or alley of opportunities. And other times it could be circles of outrageous storms, un-expected disappointments and un-bearable heartache.

We remain glued to the starting point. All because we never knew what’s ahead of us. Like a new bride walking down and hopeful. We see that bridge, link, overpass or platform ahead of us – and for some of us, it is a challenge to cross over successfully. But we must, we must finish the race.

Today, I am encouraging someone to take that big step towards their destiny. They say faith is taking that first step even without seeing the whole staircase. Your aisle is that passage you are still afraid to challenge. Take a giant step towards your aisle, develop CRAZE faith and merge forward on that bridge.

Stop lingering along your corridors and watch people pass by you, be like the children who goes grocery shopping having in mind that someone’s going to pay for their goodies. Believe that God is patiently waiting for you as you walk down your aisle, with confidence; He is even pulling you through.
A person’s steps are directed by the LORD. How then can anyone understand their own way?
Proverbs 20:24

May God help us all!

Our Mindset! Is it a Sensory Overload?

What do you do when you see those little icons and pop-up messages that appear in the system tray, indicating there is a new software update available for you to download and install? Most people find such notifications and the process of installing new software updates insignificant and disrupting.

The truth is, people ignore such notifications for various reasons, such as, ‘Do I really need to install this update?’, ‘My computer is working just fine, I don’t think this update is for me!’, ‘I don’t have time to reboot my computer’, etc. If you are accustomed to dismissing those update notifications, you need to reconsider that practice. More especially, relating the updates to our personal lives.

Our way of Thinking, Attitude, Mentality, Psych and Behaviorism is likened to the process of Applying and downloading software updates, and is one of the most important things we can do to improve the quality of our lifestyle. In fact, if we don’t do it, we’re very likely going to get some kind of malware in our life and even get hijacked by the storms of life.

Sensory overload as related to our mindset is the process of distress in accepting and downloading our blessings!

So, as we have all come to experience the power of the resurrection week, it is now time to acknowledge that the stone of hindrance or blockage has been rolled away. It is time to embrace the settlement of the mission. Let’s stop looking down at that problem, again – the stone has been lifted away. There’s a new sense of settlement and completion once we’re upgraded. We should be like a new and improved software, a different malware, a superb operating system. Every virus crowding our mindset – should by now be SHUT DOWN! Allowing the new and improved updates to download in our lives…

Many people find the process of applying software updates to be highly annoying and disruptive. This frustration is understandable. Like our lifestyle, applying updates can consume a fair amount of bandwidth as well as slowing us down, but that’s just a learning process for us to reconnect back to God!

To prevent sensory overload: We need Avoidance and Setting limits. Creating a more quiet and orderly environment, restricting the amount of time spent on various activities that crowds and corrupts our “operating system” – Our mindset!

Today, I am encouraging someone to go ahead and click that “Download updates or Installing updates” messages in their life! It can sometimes be tedious, but the advantages you get from the updates are certainly worth it. The good news is you don’t even need to pay for it! It’s free and all paid for! All you need to do is simply grant your consent when asked, by just the click of a button. Be upgraded and be on fire for God!

May God Help Us All!

Have You Been There? Looking From Outside The Clique!

I felt my face prickle with heat but this time it wasn’t my new age acquired “hot flash”. It was the humiliating realization of seeing them in this particular place and time and there was nothing I could do to change that.

We all know they exist: the Haves and the Have-Nots.

First there are the Haves. Those who are accepted in a specific environment—the peeps, the gang, the Sistahs. They’re quietly respected; the natural leaders who others seem to automatically fall in line behind. At work, church, school or social gatherings…

Often they’re the ones with the highest skill level or who have achieved the most acclaim or accomplishments within the tribe. They aren’t necessarily boastful or cocky; some are actually quite humble. But they definitely belong and everyone knows it. It’s a given.

Then there are the Have-Nots. They’re the ones who might hang out with the group, but somehow are not the same. They’re on a different level—a slightly lower level—and although the Haves may be friendly enough, and include them as part of the whole, there’s an invisible barrier that separates them, and they’re never really in the group, only with the group.

We’ve all been in situations where we’re the Haves, and other situations where we’re the Have-Nots. Naturally, we gravitate toward the former and avoid the latter if at all possible. Nobody wants to feel like a K-Mart purse in a rack full of Pradas.  You know exactly what I mean, right?

A good idea is to bolster sagging self-esteem, surely, but not something we can always do. Sometimes, the circumstances of life toss us into groups of people where we may be unknown, disrespected, unappreciated and dreadfully uncomfortable. But we must stay there for one reason or another.

Reasons? Yes, To be able to discover ourselves, know our value and be celebrated – NOT tolerated! I am encouraging someone today, who’s battling some kind of complex that God will throw in a life preserver their way. Some sort of tool that will help hold their head up and shoulders back when approaching a compromising  group.

So I’m going to return to that group next time with a new attitude. I will be smiling. I will be gracious. Because I have a secret. I know something they don’t. I know my own strength! It’s OK to be baffled now, but I know I will be celebrated soon,  And I may even get to be the kickball captain!

May God Help Us All!


Defending Our Enthusiasm – Part 2

How do you Preserve/Safeguard/Uphold and Retain your Keen Interest and Excitement about things to do with your destiny? Who is in your circle of friendship? Who inspires you to be all you can? Who sees the best in you and encourages you to keep on keeping on? Who is your role model?

If you can quickly mention three names without thinking for long about the personalities behind the names – you’re definitely on your way to achieving your set goals. If you are still struggling with names, chances are you need to develop a new strategy to defend your Enthusiasm – Well, before it is buried.

Growing up as a very curious young girl, my father was my great enthusiast. Supporting and defending all my dreams and ideas, never doubted me as a child and ever willing to boost my character to help achieve my goal. Despite the fact that I didn’t end up as an Architect (that He’d hoped for) and to follow his lead as a Quantity Land Surveyor – He still supported my ideas.

When I announced to him that I was taking Technical Drawing as an elective in high school – He was thrilled and ready to share his French curves with me! Something he rarely does! Alongside – I dropped the course. Again, I’d announced that I was interested in Foreign affairs: He enrolled me in Alliance Françoise! He was willing to help build up my hope, even when I probably wasn’t sure about my aspiration.

So, to be at ease with this topic, not everyone reading this had the opportunity to marinate in their father’s energy, BUT definitely had or still has someone who helped push-up their dreams into reality. Part of the reason of our existence is to be a positive role model that encourages and inspires. We help shape other people’s idea by putting the puzzles together for them.

Our immediate line of contact (spouse, sibling, friends, and family) should be that ultimate cheer leader in our lives. People connected to us can determine and influence our character towards our goal in life. The choice of people around us can also kill, build or frustrate our hopes or passion.

Our sphere of friends/family should always have motivational strategies available to dish out when necessary. Our performance is determined not only by our ability but also most importantly by our motivation.

‘Hoping someone who has finally recognized their strengths and will-power, will stand up and defend their dreams.

May God help us all!

Awareness of AUTISM…what is your Perception?

April is National Autism Awareness month, So, I am campaigning by raising a platform of awareness to find a cure and ease our knowledge, alertness, mindfulness, recognition and sensibility on the most avoided topic within us – Our perception on Autism.

What is Autism? It is a complex developmental disability that typically appears during the first three years of life and affects a person’s ability to communicate and interact with others. Autism is defined by a certain set of behaviors and is a “spectrum disorder” that affects individuals differently and to varying degrees. There is no known single cause of autism, but increased awareness and funding can help families today.

In March 2012, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued their ADDM autism prevalence report. The report concluded that the prevalence of autism had risen to 1 in every 88 births in the United States and almost 1 in 54 boys. The spotlight shown on autism as a result of the prevalence increase opens opportunities for the nation to consider how to serve these families facing a lifetime of supports for their children.

So, you noticed a child has Lack of or delay in spoken language, Repetitive use of language and/or motor mannerisms (e.g., hand-flapping, twirling objects), Little or no eye contact, Lack of interest in peer relationships, Lack of spontaneous or make-believe play or Persistent fixation on parts of objects..

Chances are you know an autistic child or have encountered one somewhere. It’s not easy knowing what to do or how to respond to the quirks (or outbursts) of an autistic child. Public tantrums are par for the course with children. How many of us have seen a kid have an outburst while their embarrassed parents try to get control? Well, ratchet that up a couple of notches for autistic kids. Their tantrums can get rough. Don’t …gape and stare at the child and parent, saying “Can you believe that kid?” faces. And especially don’t make comments or tell the parent, “Can’t you control your kid?” Just go about your business. Or if you catch the eye of the child’s caregiver, just flash a smile. It can work wonders.

You haven’t met anyone so unique and exceptional until you encounter a special need child. Their love is pure, genuine and transparent. You see through their little eyes rays of hope and unquestionable bewilderment.

So, instead of starring at the “un-believable sight or scene, why not give emotional support. Be that imaginary horse to be ridden on or be their knight in shinning armor who sings of their praises, it helps build their confidence. Reach out this month – to a special need child.

(Dedicated to all my 75 Autistic children – well, “my caseload children” from over 10 years! – ‘Lighting it BLUE for you this month!)

#Love you all for real!