Treading down our AISLEs…

Sometime ago while grocery shopping with my kids, I noticed each one of them had a “favorite food” aisle they were planning on visiting and didn’t have any problem tossing into my cart all the goodies “their food aisle” had to offer, of course, it wasn’t burdensome to them, because with their little minds – at the end of that aisle, there will be a cash register where mommy will eventually pay for all their goodies. Case closed!

The Aisle we all know is with the ceremonial procession of a bride, under the veil of glamour and grandeur. Sometimes, there is mixed emotion and contagious excitement. The feelings mutual, infectious yet uncertain, but with paraded faith and exposed passion.

On everyday terms, we encounter various degrees of AISLEs in our lives. It could be a passage way dividing or leading to something great in our lives. It could be a corridor of success, hallway of achievement or alley of opportunities. And other times it could be circles of outrageous storms, un-expected disappointments and un-bearable heartache.

We remain glued to the starting point. All because we never knew what’s ahead of us. Like a new bride walking down and hopeful. We see that bridge, link, overpass or platform ahead of us – and for some of us, it is a challenge to cross over successfully. But we must, we must finish the race.

Today, I am encouraging someone to take that big step towards their destiny. They say faith is taking that first step even without seeing the whole staircase. Your aisle is that passage you are still afraid to challenge. Take a giant step towards your aisle, develop CRAZE faith and merge forward on that bridge.

Stop lingering along your corridors and watch people pass by you, be like the children who goes grocery shopping having in mind that someone’s going to pay for their goodies. Believe that God is patiently waiting for you as you walk down your aisle, with confidence; He is even pulling you through.
A person’s steps are directed by the LORD. How then can anyone understand their own way?
Proverbs 20:24

May God help us all!

14 thoughts on “Treading down our AISLEs…

  1. Dearest Yinka, Well done, my good and faithful servant!!!! I love it. Our journey, I call it the “Transportation of Life”. From childhood to adolescent we are on this mysterious journey, great, yet uncertain. Then, we continue this bus ride or journey from adolescent to adulthood, with the bumpy road, sidetracks, euphoria, sadness and joy….but one thing is for sure, Our father in heaven never, leaves us , nor forsake us!!!!
    Have a Blessed day!


    • Thank you Big Sis! our transportation of life is definitely a mysterious one, and the changes we encounter alongside is just another chapter of our life – un-sung!!, but we must never give up the journey towards achieving our goal, anyway, who wants to jump off a moving vehicle on a very bumping road! LOL. Much love..


  2. Anthonia, you’ve got a very deep sense of analysis, your write up is always sincere and second skin, I read it and easily relate it to my life, good job and congrats on your book.
    DP @ AH Publishing.


  3. Reasoning along this line, I am apt to take a pause – a ‘refreshing’ pause! I can see an aisle of happiness stretched like an endless corridor of perspective; more like a rapturing fantasy; far away, yet, so close as feeling. Really, like your little children who didn’t have to worry about the burden of cost, faith tells me its all in a miracle – an untraceable method of the working of God’s Word, requesting me to believe, for my happiness to be delivered with ease.
    Thank you Yinka, for giving me this spark of inspiration. Still moving with Yinka!


  4. Miss Gansyyyy!!! Lovely write up. I am so inspired and always looking forward to your write up every week, keep it up girl! Obiageli.


  5. Going down these aisles of life is like embarking on a road trip, you will encounter all kinds of signs on your journey, traffic signs, commercial billboards, business and official signs for organizations and institutions and the like.
    These are signs that will guide you to your destination, beckon to you for products or services, and announce your arrival at certain organizations, corporations, or institutions, some with grandiose facades.
    Misreading these signs can lead you down the wrong path in life if you have not made Christ the main focus- Mathew 14:22-33“Peter was able to walk on the water by faith, until he took his eyes off Jesus, looking at the storm’s tempest instead”- you could lose your way, have to pay penalties for traffic infractions, and you may be attracted to businesses or services you have no business being associated with whatsoever.
    These are the same decisions we face daily in life while navigating the road map of our spiritual growth and personal development. Christ is the best the navigation system that will guide you down that aisle; He will help you to avoid the pitfalls that loom as you traverse life’s roadmap. I really like this Anthonia, just keep letting it flow.

    God’s Peace.



  6. Very nice write up, Anthonia. I am very encouraged by this topic and ready to move on. Definitely moving forward with you.
    God bless you. EO.


  7. Great post. We cannot understand our way when we believe that our steps are ordered by The Lord. We can only continue to take steps and believe by faith that every step we take, good or bad is part of the process that God has designed, to get us to our destiny. I personally meditate on this scripture very often,reminding myself that my steps are ordered by The Lord.


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