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Yinka Welcomes You!

It all started with an empty 2A Olympic exercise book, an acquired blue BIC pen and a newly discovered quiet corner within my bedroom after my 7th birthday.

This is where my passion for writing was ignited, enabling me to bring my thoughts to life. I haven’t stopped since then.

As I got older and began to experience different life scenarios, am grateful there’s still that familiar sense of comfort and space whenever I retreat to my notepad, writing still erases discomfort!

Ever wonder why topics or issues of Love, Life and Death will always be a rushed topic in our society today? Even when we encounter certain tragedies, are we allowed to vent? brush them off with an excuse? and continue to live in denial? We can’t talk about it?

We become numb, even as we anticipate the release of our voice. The same voice, which is the window to our hearts that bears the burden or hide our feelings.

Every lived-life is a STORY. Some get told, some not at all. I am passionate about telling these stories, most especially the important ones that tend not to be told based on deep and sometimes controversial plot…

We all have different ways of expressing ourselves in life. Whether we’ve been through some tough circles of challenges or maybe the obstacles we are facing now are just stepping stones to great things to come our way later.

Whatever it is we are experiencing now, regardless of the circumstances; It is just a phase. It cannot last forever. Our mode of expression is our story line. How we decide to narrate our story is the key to moving forward and away… 

Everyone has a story. Everyone has a scar. Either physical or emotional. I have both.

Some of us are STILL in denial of our own scars. Especially the invisible scars.

And we still need a channel to express them.

This is a platform where I get to discuss various life events, invite Guest-Story tellers, share my own personal testimonies of growing up in love with life, memories I will always treasure, surviving CANCER by also actively participating in awareness campaigns, sharing my passion for children with social emotional disorders or developmental delays, and best of all, help light the path for others passing through similar experiences. I am also licensed, certified and endorsed with over 18 years of experience in Special Education & Curriculum Advocate Policy, Infant-Family Mental Health Therapy, Autism Spectrum Diagnosis, Treatment/Consultant and Early Childhood Developmental Psychology as this is my field of work and a life long commitment.

So, why am I writing about it?

Because, I know someone will be encouraged and empowered to the point where they are able to open up, express themselves by talking, seeking coping strategies and moving away from doubt to embrace hope.  Knowing that they are not alone on this journey, that there’s a process for hope and a better future ahead, accepting that by moving forward, a burden is expressed, lightened and helps the healing process to begin.

I believe that our freedom of expression should be a natural way of moving forward, to help build a healthy emotional mind-set about life and relationship. So, here’s an opportunity to move forward into God’s plan for our lives.

It is absolutely OKAY.  Let OUR STORIES propel others.

In HOPE and Healing,


14 thoughts on “About . . .

  1. Wow! I stumbled across this and I can affirm that I am very proud of you. I expected nothing short of this anyway as you have always possessed that unique quality that defines someone special. This is a ministry that the Lord has given you and I’m sure many lives will be transformed by your exhortative blogs. You have my support anyday my sister. The Lord continue to sustain you and your ministry in Jesus name. Ola Fola-Johnson

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  2. Truely everyone got his or her own story and yes everyone also has there own challenge but the question is how many people are coming out to share their story? So one could know who to help.#movingforwardwithyinka


  3. In my mind, there is a magnificent voice, in the stature of Man, that can withstand hell and survive beyond death; in my mind, I see a house of a sheepfold where my soul is peacefully at rest; in my mind, I see myself flying with healing wings of a trumpet-dove while I boast of a raiment with dazzling colors of rainbow – Such is my mind that gives me the feeling of God and happiness. Its my mind and truly mine! I am what I think; anyway!


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