mystery 2

We live in a world that says our best self is not good enough. Rather than being real, we embrace counterfeit living to fit in. Forgetting that every disappointment is a divine appointment!

Kodi Shines! by Folarin Lawrence

We embark on acceptability instead of being authentic which leaves us confused, unreal and unable to find the grit and grace to shine our in born unique brand of awesomeness into the world.

Can our story make an impact in others?

I called him Daddy – by Folarin Lawrence

Somewhere along the way, maybe you decided not to share the real you with the world. You thought to yourself several times, “Oh, It’s just easier this way. I spare my feelings. It cuts down on drama. And I don’t have to justify or defend myself

MY WAKANDA MUSINGS by Folarin Lawrence.

Maybe you think you’re not worth knowing, and rather than let your insecurities get all tangled up, you bailed on authentic living. Maybe fear of criticism, rejection and judgment got in the way.

Essential Mrs. Gansy!

Maybe you have a long memory of times when you actually tried opening up and it didn’t go so well. Phew, I get it. I know that feeling too. It could be safer and easier. Yes, and Amen to that.

But you know what just might be one of the most compelling reasons counterfeit living seems like a viable option?

What is it about Black Men?

Our Shame or Denial.

Join me and meet real, authentic people boldly telling their stories of survival, surrender and divine intervention!

God of Broken Things by Wadza Mhute.

Be encouraged as you meet them monthly here…

“There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing” Proverbs 12:18

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