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Being a kid can be difficult. Being a parent of a child with delayed development can sometimes be overwhelming. We face the struggle of how to make them “fit in or how to “fix us”…and we shouldn’t!

DCN (Care Network Movement) empowers parents of children with unique or delayed development about life expectancy on their journey toward adulthood, by helping them understand themselves and discover their identity, purpose and God given potentials.

Let’s come together and turn our experiences and testimonials into a platform of HOPE for others” – Yinka Lawrence, DCN Founder. 



What do you know about AUTISM?

Are you affected by someone on the spectrum? Overwhelmed? Need support?

Are you in need of treatment options, coping strategies and available resources?

Would you like to meet other families with children on the spectrum to share coping strategies? Or just sit back and enjoy each other’s company, knowing that you are not alone in this parenting journey?

 Autism appears to have its roots in very early brain development. However, the most obvious signs of autism and symptoms of autism tend to emerge between 2 and 3 years of age. 

DCN Care Network is a strength based support group that meets quarterly to provide support, create awareness, and fund research on effective methods for early diagnosis and treatment with proven behavioral therapies improves outcomes.

Join Care Network movement/ My Child Thrives today and BE the change in your community.





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