Treading down our AISLEs…

Sometime ago while grocery shopping with my kids, I noticed each one of them had a “favorite food” aisle they were planning on visiting and didn’t have any problem tossing into my cart all the goodies “their food aisle” had to offer, of course, it wasn’t burdensome to them, because with their little minds – at the end of that aisle, there will be a cash register where mommy will eventually pay for all their goodies. Case closed!

The Aisle we all know is with the ceremonial procession of a bride, under the veil of glamour and grandeur. Sometimes, there is mixed emotion and contagious excitement. The feelings mutual, infectious yet uncertain, but with paraded faith and exposed passion.

On everyday terms, we encounter various degrees of AISLEs in our lives. It could be a passage way dividing or leading to something great in our lives. It could be a corridor of success, hallway of achievement or alley of opportunities. And other times it could be circles of outrageous storms, un-expected disappointments and un-bearable heartache.

We remain glued to the starting point. All because we never knew what’s ahead of us. Like a new bride walking down and hopeful. We see that bridge, link, overpass or platform ahead of us – and for some of us, it is a challenge to cross over successfully. But we must, we must finish the race.

Today, I am encouraging someone to take that big step towards their destiny. They say faith is taking that first step even without seeing the whole staircase. Your aisle is that passage you are still afraid to challenge. Take a giant step towards your aisle, develop CRAZE faith and merge forward on that bridge.

Stop lingering along your corridors and watch people pass by you, be like the children who goes grocery shopping having in mind that someone’s going to pay for their goodies. Believe that God is patiently waiting for you as you walk down your aisle, with confidence; He is even pulling you through.
A person’s steps are directed by the LORD. How then can anyone understand their own way?
Proverbs 20:24

May God help us all!