Defending Our Enthusiasm – Part 2

How do you Preserve/Safeguard/Uphold and Retain your Keen Interest and Excitement about things to do with your destiny? Who is in your circle of friendship? Who inspires you to be all you can? Who sees the best in you and encourages you to keep on keeping on? Who is your role model?

If you can quickly mention three names without thinking for long about the personalities behind the names – you’re definitely on your way to achieving your set goals. If you are still struggling with names, chances are you need to develop a new strategy to defend your Enthusiasm – Well, before it is buried.

Growing up as a very curious young girl, my father was my great enthusiast. Supporting and defending all my dreams and ideas, never doubted me as a child and ever willing to boost my character to help achieve my goal. Despite the fact that I didn’t end up as an Architect (that He’d hoped for) and to follow his lead as a Quantity Land Surveyor – He still supported my ideas.

When I announced to him that I was taking Technical Drawing as an elective in high school – He was thrilled and ready to share his French curves with me! Something he rarely does! Alongside – I dropped the course. Again, I’d announced that I was interested in Foreign affairs: He enrolled me in Alliance Françoise! He was willing to help build up my hope, even when I probably wasn’t sure about my aspiration.

So, to be at ease with this topic, not everyone reading this had the opportunity to marinate in their father’s energy, BUT definitely had or still has someone who helped push-up their dreams into reality. Part of the reason of our existence is to be a positive role model that encourages and inspires. We help shape other people’s idea by putting the puzzles together for them.

Our immediate line of contact (spouse, sibling, friends, and family) should be that ultimate cheer leader in our lives. People connected to us can determine and influence our character towards our goal in life. The choice of people around us can also kill, build or frustrate our hopes or passion.

Our sphere of friends/family should always have motivational strategies available to dish out when necessary. Our performance is determined not only by our ability but also most importantly by our motivation.

‘Hoping someone who has finally recognized their strengths and will-power, will stand up and defend their dreams.

May God help us all!

8 thoughts on “Defending Our Enthusiasm – Part 2

  1. Amen to your prayers.
    Very beautiful piece as always, you said it well sis, peer groups, family orientation plays a crucial role at how we act, a lot of us never had good role models, but if we watch the attributes of those that we peer with, we will definately blow loud and clear trumpets.


    • Thanks Nikky – I do agree with you, Family orientation, background and upbringing certainly plays a vital role in helping to enhance our dreams – Still, a lot of us can break out of a negative circle, embrace change and be all we can through God’s help. ‘moving forward with you…


  2. Anthonia, I am beginning to help boost my twins ‘ s self confidence by tapping into their talents, they love to draw and design clothing for their friends. After reading your article, I am even more confident and very happy to help with their dreams. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Lovely write up Anthonia, I really admire your choice of words and how you make them relevant to our lifestyle without making it look so serious. Guess our creative writing class really paid off then, even though I never bothered writing after then! Go girl! Will let the team know what’s up! Love you more. ..


    • Thanks D! our words should be soothing enough to convince and also correct our paths!! (sounding like you right) so good to hear from you, I know Dobbin’s class really paid off, right? hope you get back to writing soon, Love you for real!


  4. For those who did not have anyone to encourage them while they were growing up, please take this opportunity to start.encouraging the young ones in your circle, do not watch another dream die just because no one cared to believe .

    God’s peace.



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