Gracefully ascending to my 5th floor on purpose

Our births are, and will always be one the most profound common-place of miracles. An event deeply remarkable and phenomenal. A timeless deed that immediately but intentionally and briefly makes angels of us all.

Then life evolves as we get older, we flicker on a screen of ‘how it could have been’ by folding and unfolding upon our mind’s eye which brittle like a crushed dove’s wings. We suddenly begin to accept that our health is also another gift from God, especially after overcoming a diagnosis, but we sometimes take it for granted.

Still, it hangs for its dear life on a thin-thread as fine as a spider’s web. While the smallest err can make it snap, leaving the strongest of us helpless in an instant, as the weaker hearts wobble. And in that instant, hope is our only protector, and love our cure-all.

Life is fueled by learning new things, encountering new people, or sometimes handling challenging paths. But there will always be laughter when joy sips in… ‘tears when disappointment emerge un-invited… making exaggerated but clearer revelation a must for us, as loss or gain of mutual affection we have forged in friendships over our lifetime would only last us all the remaining days on earth. 


While a child, I mastered the act of overriding discomfort with the thoughts of accepting everything washed away as a fresh potential dawned. Eventually, in every wave of change, there comes a new beginning. To embrace strengths, tackle weaknesses and keep dreaming.

My next floor is filled with flights that’s taken many forms by relying on God’grace. It seems unfurling like feathers… tickles and enchanting… a compose of soaring upward into light… a fresh gratifying department that runs deep… A retreat from the unknown and total disconnect from pain or unprofitable bonds towards a visible joy!

Aha, approaching 50 has enabled me not-to-feel the need to be understood, included or accepted regarding worldly expectations. It’s granted me more time to sit back and observe, as I realize that literally not everything life dishes out needs a reaction as I begin to trust my intuition more.


As we begin Year 2022… ‘What’s your next flight like? A bustling or empty enterprise? Is fear keeping you tethered.. terror clipping your wings? Hey, No shaking! Hope can still lighten the sky, while Love will continue to make us courageous!

And at the end of climbing those steps, what mattered most is not what the curious monitoring-world expects, or whether we blow, hide or fly… or even where our journey takes us in life.. but what guides us home… from age to age… ‘and-where-we-come-to-land! Because in the end, we all become memories.

There are many things about life in which you have no control. Accept those things as part of the way God created you. Your ability, race, culture, language, nationality, and many attributes of your physical being are God’s choices, for a purpose.

Counting down to… #Enchanted 5.0   #Project50andBeyond #JustWOW #MsGansy@50 #CancerFREEdeclarationOfGRACE

Yours in Hope, as I share NOSA’s ‘Na Your Way’


25 thoughts on “Gracefully ascending to my 5th floor on purpose

  1. Yinka,
    You are indeed a child of grace. This piece is very inspiring and I wish you greater grace to spread your wings and soar like an Eagle. Bless you darling and welcome to the 5th floor😘❤️

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  2. Came back the 2nd time to read your post! Very well done, would love to collaborate with you on my talk show if you are interested ( we are based in Chicago)
    Have you thought of using Anchor by Spotify for a new podcast? Again, beautiful piece 👍

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  3. Hi Yinka, you are indeed a spectacular and beautiful writer, so deep and second skinned, true, mind blowing and inspiring. I also love how you add songs that carry your message along and smoothly convince us of our hidden strengths.
    Counting down with you… thanking God with you… Raising a banner of praise in advance for your victory…
    You are loved and cherished

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  4. ‘Give me my flowers, my beautiful love poem and sweet words that builds me up while I am alive’
    Thanks for sharing your article, t gives strength and courage in how to praise and thank God in advance concerning his works in your life and better things laid out for your future. You are indeed special. All shall end in praise 🙌🏽

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  5. Thanks for opening your heart to us Yinka! Thanks for opening your Autism clinic door in Southfield to my family during the pandemic for not only virtual service but constantly treating my son and training the underserved with your unique skills- your sincerity and down to earth nature quickly made fears for the unknown vanish during each session… I thank God for you and the presence of your strength during adversity! Thanks for starting DCN in Michigan 🙏🏽🙏🏽

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  6. Such a great and humbling experience of grace! I can feel it all through your expression. I am interested in partnering with your Early Childhood intervention and Maternal Infant Health Group project in Detroit area or outside the county to celebrate your 5th floor victory! 🙌🏽

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  7. Hey Yinka! What an amazing, deeply- revealing thoughts spread out in pure human words. I love this, thanks for sharing and looking forward to helping you head the U.K. ‘Project50andBeyond’

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  8. My darl MsG!! Your project is now on my bucket list, for real🥰🥰 looking forward to helping you coordinate the documentary for your Yinka’s 50andBeyond project with so much pleasure!! Thanks for including me in this and counting down to Project 1 at Istanbul- You rock!

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  9. Welcoming you to the year of your Fifth floor Yinka! With all the support, prayers and resources you need- we are here for you! You are never alone- waited forever for your new post but glad it’s here and splendid as always. God’s got you sis.

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  10. Anthonia, this is just so beautiful and true to read. I remember meeting you during our Oct university of Florida Gainesville campus ‘war of words’ and instantly connecting with you as my team coordinator- we won with your creativity by using satire to describe the world we live in! You make literature and poetry seem as though cotton candy on the tongue of a novice.. With permission sharing this article with UF team now! Love you loads

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  11. Na HIS way always 🙏🏽🙌🏽 Celebrating msGansy always for your gift of profound sincerity in creating expressions through words that inspire and uplifts! Thanks for this article. Happy new year 🎊

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