Do you dislike POETRY? Maybe you are afraid of falling in LOVE!


Poetry is an expressive, rhythmic literary work or verse. Writing and reading love poetry is a way to get in touch with your inner feelings about the emotions of loving and being loved. Love poetry spans emotions from hate and despair to admiration and adulation. The misconception about it is that Love poetry is not only for “lovers” but speaks to anyone who has experienced the desire to be loved… that is it speaks to everyone. Happy or Sad. It is an outward reflection of the battle of emotions. We feel it, we peel it and then we release our thoughts, through words either spoken or written.

Each and every one of us is a poet. Our mode of expression and choice of words is what sets us apart. We are pregnant with build-up unexpressive emotions and so afraid of delivering what we have inside.

Poetry-unspoken is born when we hear the first cry of a new baby, when we give that adoring and compassionate look at someone we love, when flowers bloom and we are brave enough to smell them, when the sound of birds chirping away become a melody, when aroma from grandma’s kitchen reminds you of endurance, when lingering perfume of a lover arrests your attention, when pictures of a departed loved one inspire you to win a cause, It is a sign of love that is as clear as when you look into a mirror, and as an image that exposes your feelings. It comes to you because you’re merely being you. Sometime, even the expression surpasses your imagination.

So, over the weekend while still in my: I LOVE NY mode – in the center of Manhattan, I dragged my entire family to come experience the beauty of poetry on Broadway. We decided to spend some time with the cast of a Shakespeare production in Central Park.

Shakespeare in the Park is the cornerstone series of the New York City theatrical producing organization known as the Public Theater and happens every summer at the outdoor Delacorte Theater in Central Park. Not sure if it made much sense to them, but I was intrigued because it reminded me of one of the things I found fascinating 20 years ago while still dating my husband – ‘He knew all about the Shakespeare collection which we borrowed from his Dad’s library. Awesome!

Unlike my children who were so excited walking the paths of the movies; ELF, Enchanted and Home Alone in the park – I couldn’t contain my excitement at the thoughts of having a whole park filled with people who just love good old poetry! I particularly enjoyed The Dairy, Literary Walk, Sheep Meadow, Tavern on the Green and Strawberry Fields of John Lennon.

Our expression about life is poetry itself. It either will be read out aloud for others to listen to, or it will be locked up inside our hearts and forgotten like every others before it. Poetry is lofty thought or impassioned feeling expressed in imaginative words.

Today, I am encouraging someone – Like in Hemingway’s book “The Old Man and the Sea” The man had disappeared behind the mannerism, the artist behind the artifice, and all that was left was a coldly flawless facade of words.” That we are able to use our spoken or written words to help transport our intention in life. Not to hold back because of fear of being hurt again, fear of falling or fear of failing – Let it out! Express yourself through poetry. It is okay to fall in love, again.

May God help us all!


14 thoughts on “Do you dislike POETRY? Maybe you are afraid of falling in LOVE!

  1. My dear Yinka…
    Poetry as I know through you is constant reminder of true feelings expressed. Happy or sad. Every song writer started as a poet. Some get their lyrics through life experiences Others write as their mood dictates. You as have known you for years only writes with your emotions, always direct and sincere. Need to say, your hubby is lucky. Very lucky. I like.


  2. Yinka,

    As a poet, I find this narrative poignantly refreshing. Would you mind if I published this in the August issue of Wellspring? Also, I need to talk to you about starting a Book Club for Living Spring Miracle Center.




  3. I like! Did you see Les Miserables again? Lol. Heard Aladdin was a blast on Broadway. Looking forward to seeing Marilla on Rent, heard she was great on Broadway. Good expression on poetry Antonia.


  4. Lovely. Just joined Yeah Writers on Tumblr and came across your beautiful write up about ‘heart a market place’. That’s a beautiful poem you did on Tumblr. Very Interesting. Nice write up also on expression through poetry. Keep it up.
    Tearyeyes on Tumblr.


  5. You rock Yinka!
    Nice moves you have
    Dancing and swinging

    You got groove Yinka!
    Pedicab in central park
    Standing tall with no mark

    You Write from your heart Yinka
    Pouring in the juice of life with words
    Words, words of rejuvenation.
    Don’t stop, keep it flowing.


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