‘Day Out With The Ladies – Chapter One.

B R I N G I N G   S E X Y     B A C K…

Is the world still your aptitude? Are you still full of energy? Remember then, you didn’t have too many responsibilities, even your career was a cool breeze, You were probably turning a few heads and tripping the light fantastic. Your mojo cup was full to the brim.

So, how’s that cup looking now? Are you down to the dregs? You don’t have to be old to feel the effects of life depletion. I felt it for the first time after the birth of my third child. I was overweight, tired, and milky… I looked like a plump squirrel, and felt that life as I had known it disappeared with my 44 inch waist. My groove was no mo’.

Ladies, no matter what toil life presents, our source of vigor, energy, sexual potency and power mustn’t die. And who says you can’t be HOT, BEAUTIFUL and COOL even after childbearing or over 40? Or because, you are still Single? I’m like: #moveoverslacks   #bringsexyback. #pickupyourlife #beallyoucan. #right now.

To officially launch this article, I planned a day out with a collection of beautiful-minded ladies to discover the power of togetherness. To enable an outlet to release stress, pain, rejection, depression, discuss the joy/burden of womanhood, loneliness. To hang out with each other by celebrating and impacting one another through open dialogue.

Excited, Elated, Thrilled and Jubilant, we all met at  the AMC 10 Cinema in our “me-time” attitude, all looking deliciously edible and watched the new Kevin Hart’s “Think Like A Man Too” movie. It was super comical and amusing! ‘tons of girly giggling and laughter all through. I even noticed some joyful tears, all out of pure heartwarming laughter! Popcorn sent flying on the aisle as some old musical notes were played ( did I sense nostalgia? Lol ). Hmmm!

After the movie, we all left in a convoy to the new Itchiban Buffet for lunch, and the stories began. It was a combination of married/single/separated/about to get married/searching/done searching/still in love/thinking of love/loving to love/hurt, but will bounce back- nurtured and well- seasoned ladies.

And we let it all out, over peppered seasoned fried crabs, well- cooked pot roast, dark open flamed grilled roast beef, mouth- watering Cajun shrimp pampered with hot chili peppers, a la carte, sushi, soft buttered mashed potatoes, sprinkled with rosemary-swimming in an Island of homemade beef gravy, garnished honey baked Lancaster farm- grown chicken, steamed carrots and sweet corn…

While eating, we all did agreed this gathering was too long overdue – it was much needed to help restore “a girl back to her sanity and groove! And we chatted, debated, discussed and exchange stories with our mouth full! No kids to chase around the restaurant/ or diaper changing .

From there, in our now acclaimed convoy, we cruised down to The Bamboo Spa where we were all ushered in by our individually assigned massage therapist, to be pampered with soothing green tea Pedi spa treatment, and the dialogue continues…

Our joy knows no bound when we selflessly reach out and connect with each other. Our positive act of kindness is a banner those with aching hearts see on display and will be looking up to. There is a sense of openness, broad-mindedness and acceptance when we come together to empower each other. The end point is completion-exhaled and affection-relayed to help inspire each other with personal stories about life. No two stories are alike, but all will end with similar breakthroughs and testimonies. Our strength, which is “The strong woman we are today” alone is a powerful tribe to reckon with.

‘Love you all Ladies for real! Thank you for attending, Thank you for the Shelter Shoes donated. ‘More to come!

May God help us all


To Be Continued…