Friday Night Conversation with Yinka! – Part 2


True life stories from Abused Teenagers and Women in Shelter ( Continued )

It is another Friday night! A very good one! It’s been a wonderful July 4th holiday! Good BBQ/ Good time spent with Good old friends and Good out of town drive! I am still basking in the delight and excitement that comes with the blast and awesomeness of the fireworks. But the True life stories from Abused Teenagers and Women in Shelter is overdue with high demand of request to continue, So… Here we go!

I volunteered to spend an evening with some teenagers undergoing psychotherapy evaluation from molestation and sex addiction in order to finish a book I was writing.

So, I met with Arianna at a shelter I was assigned to sometime ago. She just turned 16 and was excited about getting a new tattoo. Through our conversation and her open hysteria about my sing-tune accent, she’d mentioned being raped at ages: 9, 10 and 11. By her mother’s boyfriend, by a group of boys when she was in foster care and by a female landlady, who had offered her a gallon of milk, Tylenol and a death threat!

Arianna spent nearly 2 years living with her mother in a hotel and a house owned by the hotel manager before they were once again forced to leave. “I wish I had known that I would’ve been okay if I had left mom,” she said, her lips quivering. “That it would not have been as hard as I thought it was going to be. That I would’ve been better off.”

Arianna spent another four months in a local motel as a prostitute before moving into a house with her best friend, the one who would help her with medication to help kick out infection and disease of the trade.

“I love my mom,” said Arianna. “I don’t blame her for any of it. It’s just something she has to deal with. But it’s a lot better now, getting to see her when she wants to see me, not when she’s not herself.”

Now she’s looking straight at me, with a wicked smile on her face, like a light bulb was just turned on, she asked, “Have you been raped before? I smiled and looked away like I didn’t hear her, my heart beating so hard, perspiration now gathering up, I cleared my throat, took a deep breath and…

(To be continued next week Friday)