Collection of short stories – Chapter One

all of me


Collection of short stories by #moving forward with Yinka

I quickened my pace as the clouds began to gather in the sky. Up to now, the sky had been postcard-perfect, but it was changing. The beautiful cocktail-blue shade was beginning to darken into gravel-grey. Large pillows of cloud were forming, blotting out the old-gold color of the sun. I got the first splatter of rain when I was halfway across the meadow. I took shelter under an old oak, hoping that I could see out the shower.

Droplets of moisture began to drip from the leaves. They were sprinkling onto the grass like a gardener’s hose. Then the rainfall became more intense. A wall of rain moved over the oak and the drops were drumming against the canopy.

So much rain was falling that the sound blurred into one long, whirring noise. It reminded me of the rotor blades on a helicopter. Eventually, the noise lessened and the drops faded into a musical chime. The sun came out again, casting slanted beams of light across the meadow. Steam rose slowly from the grass. It rose up eerily and drifted mist-like towards the molten-gold sun. The image was so vivid that it stayed with me all the way home.

I just can’t stop thinking about her! The lingering scent of stale orange peel on her silk scarf, the powerful commanding way the breeze sends it flying across the field as free as life could offer. This fragile yet alluring body running around happily under the …

To be continued!

Written by: ‘Yinka for Women Weave The World.

20 thoughts on “Collection of short stories – Chapter One

  1. Just this morning, it was raining, I was walking my daughter to school, our umbrella was not wide enough to cover us fully, so I extended the umbrella to cover her alone. Wondering why, she asked: “why are you out in the rain dad? I love you, I answered cheerfully. Then she hugged me saying, daddy!!! And we both became covered at that instance. This is what love does! God is love. We are the happiness, joy and life of God in love. Hence, we are as treasured jewels of His heart which nothing can snatch from Him because He has tied His life with us when He shed His love upon us by the blood of his lamb (heart) .


  2. This is nice, I really like it. Got your blog from Mckenzie during his book launching in Hawaii. Looking forward to more of this.


  3. Yinka, do we need the muson center to finish this book? Like we’ve been waiting for ever!! Lol. Ok, will wait for you to finish this one. I am loving it already. Check your email .
    Miss you girl!
    DemiPlex Art and Culture.
    Karimu Kotun, V/I.

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  4. Waoh, Ms. AAntonia, like literally am all smiles, so i wrote this for you…I LIKE, like I need to Write and Be right in my Light. You rock babe!


  5. Anthonia!!! Girl. ..but honestly, did we mention SUSPENSE??? Common make it 3 chapters to start with, loool. Loving this. ..good job!


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