We All Need A Push, A Positive One.

push 2

A mother eagle knows that if she waits for her young to get out of the nest and fly on their own initiative, it’ll never happen. So she pushes them out! That’s radical, but they learn to fly and fulfill their destiny.

When we set goals for ourselves at an early age, one of the greatest task ahead of us we take for granted is also setting up a method to discourage any form of obstruction, roadblocks or distractions along the way! Because surely it will come.

So, after finally meeting up with my publisher, He took a good spectacled look at me and my over-the-years -oh-so-long manuscript and smiled. Girl! It is time. Time to quench that thirst! The world is waiting for your story! It is time to launch it! Was I ready to let go? Probably not, because the story in us never ends – with each new day in our lives, it’s always a new beginning, a resounding awareness, hope arises, new characters are given birth to and old ones unfold.

To succeed in life we must sometimes stay within our strength zone to observe our qualities, but continually make constructive move outside our comfort zone to be able to observe, learn, study and eventually move forward.Have you ever accomplished anything of significance while you were in your comfort zone? Think about it. The answer is ‘no,’ isn’t it? We don’t like moving outside our comfort zone. We resist it. We like to feel safe and secure. We don’t want to look foolish or fall flat on our faces.

And as we get older we naturally tend to become more and more complacent. That’s a problem, because complacency kills passion. It reduces us to average. It clips our wings and keeps us from soaring, no matter how much we want to. It takes initiative to succeed at anything in life. It requires us to take risks.

Positive risk through “push” is aligning our passion with crazy faith. Connecting with the right crowd at the right time is very important. Passion prompts us to leave our comfort zone and cross the threshold of our doubt. It pushes us out the door, so that we can get going on the journey in life that God designed for us.

Hoping someone to push on their door of opportunity as opposed to knocking, to pray for divine connection to their greatness and lean not on their own understanding or the selfish zeal of hungry opportunist. So step out in faith, take the initiative, take the risk – Do it!



***Thanks Gregg.