Friday Night Conversation With Yinka!

True life stories from the hearts of Storm Waivers

The Power of Assumption

It is Friday night again. As am writing this, I am super tired, exhausted and overwhelmed, its been a very long and productive day at work,  but grateful for the courage to keep moving on.

I can’t contain my excitement, joy and apprehension! why?

(1) It’s the last Friday of the month- 6 more months to Christmas!

(2) I was given the opportunity to spend quality time with 2 beautiful minded people today – during training, during lunch break and at the close of work.  2 wonderful-inspirational people, they all carry  their scarred banner with pride, victory written on their valley entrance and full of testimonies enough to make me skip my last week continuation of Arianna’s story from the shelter.

(3) I have/am having all my favorite girls together for a “Bring Sexy Back outing” – well, literally – “Day out with the ladies!! – a time to exhale, do some real, deep, sister-to-sister talking over a movie/lunch/spa and also, the conception of a new book through real life presentation!


So, for tonight, please bear with me, feel my aching back and blurry vision due to my high consumption of happy-me-stress dose and click on link below to watch video clip of “Silent Beats” ( my write up on it to follow later). Thanks. Much love.. ‘Yinka

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