Bringing Back Our Snatched Girls!! Who is that GIRL?


Our response to crisis around us is an outward exhibit to our display of faith. Showing Empathy (understanding and support) and Sympathy (sensitivity and unity), determines our outcome of faith.

Our heart breaks as mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, uncles and grandparents when we know our daughter is in distress, and we are unable to release her burden. Our helplessness displays our crushed and sorrowful minds, even as we are made to just wait and hope. Our vision for the aspiring young girls is collapsing, making our view of the world turn into a magnifying glass that’s dented with premature cracks from over-usage.

Who-is-that-Girl? She’s funny, friendly, exasperating, endearing……how would you describe your daughter, your sister, your niece, your granddaughter or god daughter? My daughter is all that and more! I remember holding her in my arms the first time….hard to describe the feelings; it was more of a wonder that God had created such a perfect thing as this tiny baby in my arms! Everything about her was fascinating. How could He see to all the details that went into creating this small thing? I wondered!

It’s a new day, and there’s still an outrageous uproar of brokenness in every heart that knows the value of a misplaced or vanished female child! The smoke of deceit is still hanging in the air, stabbing pain cutting deep into the hearts of their loved ones, betrayed innocence of an abused culture! But by the time the sun sets in the evening, even the little village market in Chibok is still counting its loss from the day’s sales as opposed to relieving tensed emotions from finding their girls!

My conscience labels me as an envoy to the almost 300-school girls kidnapped in Nigeria. Why? Because it could have been me 25 years ago while I was attending an all-girls secondary boarding school, 1000 miles away from home! Or even anyone of us, who’s been to a boarding school, far away from home. But by God’s grace and faithfulness, we are here today, Untouched!

So, for everyone who has a daughter, a sister, a young female cousin, a young niece, a god-daughter, an adopted girl or even pregnant with a girl, right now! This very moment! What is your display of faithfulness? It could have been anyone of us, or anyone we know, but the scene is yet to unfold because we are not in the cast, so we sit afar like the spectator, while the world is a stage – but honestly we should be talking about it, raising hope and awareness, even educating people around us about our passion and determined to get attention for world peace.

Today, I am encouraging everyone to open their hearts and connect to a “missing girl cause” both known or un-known, show support and empathy with the family in distress by praying for them daily: for a break through. I carry within me the burden, grief, the pain and the torture that’s crowding those missing girls, because I am a mother of 2 young girls , I feel the joy and pain of child bearing and motherhood.

Even though I am thousands and thousands of miles away, I am humbly wearing their thoughts and holding their trembling hands close to my chest in prayer. God says faithfulness is proven by our others-directedness and by giving our help, by looking at others rather than concentrating on ourselves. God is going to judge our faithfulness through our relationship with other people, especially when they are in deep distress.

May God help us all

18 thoughts on “Bringing Back Our Snatched Girls!! Who is that GIRL?

  1. Anthonia, your mind speaks volume. Your creativity with words is endless. Your passion for delivering a message is God’s gift. Your literature about those bridges you crossed over is a huge comfort to those still in doubt about where to turn. You have described each one of those girls like you’re in their shoes, and comforted their loved ones with assurance of God’s faithfulness. Well done, well done, where have you been all the time? The world needs more of your passion. Keep on writing. I support you all the way.
    ‘That mental instability stored away, is that craziness waiting to be exploited’.


  2. I wake up every morning seeing my kids sleeping peacefully in their beds, I just can’t imagine what those parents are going through,May God in his infinite mercy bring those girls back home safe to their parents.thanks my darling sister and friend. Their thoughts are in out minds.


  3. Miss Gansy sha! You said it very well, I am so proud of you, this is really good, finally a breath of fresh air, and a time to allow our conscience dictate our next move. Moving forward with Yinka,
    Much love. Ndidi. Abuja.


  4. If a mom is pretty A daughter is pretty, If a mom is handsome A daughter is handsome, If a mom is educated A daughter is educated, If a mother is good A daughter is good, A mom and a daughter Are two in one, A mom’s secret is a Daughter’s secret, A mutual relationship Between a mom and a Daughter anytime, then A mom is the daughter’s Everything’s. I grief with all the mums of the Chibok girls.


  5. Sis, this is so true, I remember one time in FGGC Jos, we were constantly harassed and frightened with stories of what could have happened to us if we were found outside school gates!! Thank God for his protection over us. I support the cause sis, and ready to make a change. I LIKE A LOT! !!
    IBK, London.


  6. I have been following this on CNN and it’s so heart breaking, I have 3 girls and can’t imagine what those girls are going through. In all sincerity, we really have to hold them close in our prayers. Nice one, Anthonia. You did it again. Lol.


  7. You really make sense Yinka. Above all the drama surrounding this problem, you have brought us back to see reason and find a purpose. I really like this, good job.


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