Celebrating another year of birth: Is it a Transition period or a time for Reflection?

Ah finally! Welcome to my precious birth month of MAY. Chances are, you have pleasantly encountered with some of the most beautiful, highly motivated, strong personalities and dramatic people!

In preparation for my 15,330 days of birth and counting, I engaged myself in a deep conversation at lunch time with some colleagues, and was amazed to know that, some of them around that splendid age, had experienced some kind of “un-questionable act of in-balance” also known as midlife crisis, dilemma, pressure, crossroads or disaster.

Mid Life Crisis is: Un-expected Change or Fear of un-accomplishment. Mid-life Blessing is our breakthrough, our passion to excel, our hope to fulfill.
It is casually called the time in life when you do outrageous, impractical things like quit a job impulsively, buy a red sports car, or travel around the world. For years, midlife crisis conjured those images. But these days, the old midlife crisis is more likely to be called a midlife transition and it’s not all bad.

Now, it is like nursing a bruised knee with a wet feather – even though you know there’s no remedy in it to cure, you kind of enjoy the caress and smooth silky feeling – that’s how it feels when you approach another birth year you begin to reflect on the things of the past, your gainful records is spread right in front of you, while at the same time, your aspirations yet achieved is right there – starring right at you, and sometimes even mocking you! –

Ah! Our ego is altered, all because we feel it’s another year and we still haven’t reached that targeted goal that we would have loved to! So, when you approach a new birthday, do you feel overwhelmed that you still haven’t scored that goal?

Today, I am encouraging someone to graciously decline the appeal of “mid-life crisis’ and reflect on the great achievements they have made over the years, boost your self-worth by empowering and impacting people around you with a memorial. Build a legacy that defines your worth, even when you are long gone. Turn that “mid-life challenges into Mid-life blessings. Our past performance is only a tutorial ladder into our future of victory, disregard that age-number stamp, embrace change, live life to the fullest – we only get better with age. I am certainly much better with age.

May God help us all.