Parading Our Talents and Titles: Are we Humble or Boastful?


Our talent is a display of our: know-how, expertise, skill and capability. It is that knack we are all created with – despite the fact that it can sometimes take forever to be discovered! Unknowingly, we all have it, and it is that “wow factor” that makes us stand out and tall amongst the ordinary. While title is our man-made banner: The power appeaser attached to our original person, it is that poisonous push-on or in-expensive antidote needed to help booster our self-confidence! Well, once we have been labeled with one and uncertain on how to embrace such dignity-we become boastful!

One of my fondest memories from attending an all-girls secondary school was the constant parade and reminder from our house mistress then (an Indian lady). She has this peculiar way of always announcing her entrance into the dormitory. She will stroll in dramatically, all her 20plus shimmering bangles, glittering and hitting hard against each other, a make-shift for a bell; brilliant red sari wrapped around her, tucked nicely and gallantly while the edges; freely flowing alongside carelessly! ”Here I come! Engineer, Doctor, Mrs.…” She will mention all her titles and end it with “senior house mistress, doctor’s wife and mother of two, Oh goodness! No amount of greetings or side attraction could have distracted her morning ritual of reminding us of who she was. Hmm! It was a very comical and rather humorous scene for us students then, and we’ll hold our breath, avoiding open laughter and escaping her slaps! But years later, meeting up with couple of friends from high school – we were able to discuss/understand and feel her pressure in trying to stand out, be heard and be respected. She wasn’t boastful as we all thought she was. She just needed to be heard, honored and respected. And that was the only way she knew.

So, without even knowing it, we can parade ourselves as overly-desiring to be successful! How? Through our search for discovery; an unexpected elevated position in life; we begin to crave a kind of recognition and acceptance: We either parade our titles by bragging about it or showing off our talents by acting out, hereby making ourselves look boastful, arrogant and pompous. Or sometimes – we become over ambitious, imposing our ideas on other people, not willing to learn from others or to be corrected.

Being humble is one of the greatest virtues that God wants us to have. And being humble doesn’t only mean that we are more than willing to accept all His will and commands, but true humbleness can be measured on how we will obey those commands in our everyday interaction with people around us. It is the humbleness of little children that makes them the greatest according to Christ.

Children don’t have pride, they don’t know about it. They don’t care if honor are not given to them unlike us adults. In the eyes and heart of children, we can only see that everything for them is equal. There is no superiority in a child’s mind.

Today, I am hopeful and believing that someone has finally accepted to make a giant move on their aisle by discovering that great talent God has given them – to put aside pride and procrastination and use it wisely for God’s glory. That those who are exalting themselves up high will be humbled. Choosing the higher path means there is a tendency for us to fall and go down, but choosing the lower path means there is no place for us to fall and the only way to go is up – which is in heaven.

May God help us all!

“The person who is greatest among you must be your servant. Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted” – (Mat.23:11-12)