Our Weariness in Waiting.

A single woman waits for a godly husband.
A wife waits for her failing marriage to improve.
The unemployed father waits for a decent-paying job.
Patients wait for healing from unexpected illnesses.
A woman waits for her womb to carry a baby
A teenager lost in thoughts, craves for attention

Who likes to wait? Whether it’s for something trivial like a seat at a restaurant, or something more serious like the examples above, waiting is never an easy process.

To wait is especially difficult amidst this technological boom of our current generation. Advances in technology enable most aspects of life to run quickly, conveniently, according to our every whim. We connect with friends by the touch of a button. We use our phone not only to make phone calls, but also as a GPS, a camera, a computer and a boom box all rolled into one. We shop online, read books on tablets, deposit money into ATM machines, and drive cars with keyless entries. In a world like this, why would anyone ever need to wait for anything?

Yet life does bid us to wait. Sometimes it forces us, in fact, to wait for things that seem unbearable to wait for. So we grow weary. Sometimes we grow angry. Maybe, if we are honest, we can even become angry at God. “Where are you while I wait?” we question as we look above. “Can He hear me, or am I actually alone?” we wonder in the quiet of our prayers.

This concerned, active and powerful God promises us that good things come to those who wait on Him.

So, I am applauding everyone for a successful de-cluttering session and encouraging someone to wait patiently on God for a new beginning.


10 thoughts on “Our Weariness in Waiting.

  1. The essence of every gift and blessing of God always come with waiting. This essential lesson is needed to give our expectations an enduring value. Waiting tests our knowledge of the faithfulness of God to earn redemption for our expectation. Waiting also acts to prove the sincerity of our desire and love for the hope. The exciting ecstatic feeling that come with a hope clinched is characterized by the relief of the waiting experience that gives birth to what becomes a testimony brand.


  2. And surely He will, Thakiyah – for waiting patiently. I bet your son gets excited after the “waiting period” is over! that’s the best part and the lesson we take back with us and teach them. Nice thoughts! Thanks.


  3. In the words of my four year old son, “Waiting is to hard”. Waiting requires patients, courage, and faith and last time I checked Job wasn’t my middle name. Waiting on the outcome of the unknown is crazy nerve wrecking. I’m glad you posted this because I needed a reminder to use patience. And to have the courage to have faith that God will answer my prayers.


  4. Thanks Nikky! You are not alone on this! every now and then – I find myself saying that and then realize there is not much to do anyway – than to keep waiting – patiently! lol. I remember reading a book called “Waiting for Godot” by Samuel Beckett in secondary school, in which two characters, Vladimir and Estragon, wait endlessly and in vain for the arrival of someone named Godot. The apprehension Godot’s absence brought us (the students) was more disturbing than the appearance of the actual character itself. The lesson here was: making us all realize that every moment we spent thinking,contemplating, dreaming and wondering -was worth the while. It got us ready to embrace Godot,the change.


  5. I don’t like waiting as well, but whenever I wait upon God for something, it’s always worth the wait. Beautiful piece my lovely sister.


  6. Very inspiring piece. Sometimes it is hard to focus on knowing that God is working behind the scenes to cause everything to work together for our good when we are waiting. One sure fact is that His timing is always RIGHT and BEST for us. Better still, there is something to learn in every waiting process and better able to encourage others when we have “been there.”


    • Bunmi, I like that attitude in your comment “there’s something to learn in every waiting process” – that something for most of us could take a lifetime – but it’s worth every bit of it. Some call it patience, others say its endurance – but personally, – I call it my change-in-motion!. That particular period of holding on to what’s not so obvious or real now, but believing that it will come through, especially when you’ve done all you needed to do, and apparently – still waiting on God.


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