New Season to De-clutter our mind…

Many times when the word “de-clutter” comes up, we’re probably thinking about how to find time to clean up some messy space we’ve been ignoring for a while or probably getting rid of stuff not useful to us anymore, to create breathable space. But today, let’s apply that term to our personal life – emotionally – let’s do some de-cluttering with our mindset.

When we de-clutter issues of the mind, we are getting rid of emotional disarray, mess, confusion, chaos, derangement, disorder and untidiness! Oh goodness! can you imagine carrying all that heap of bereavement into a new year!

In the process, our heart might be bruised, but it will recover and become capable of seeing beauty of life once more. And it’s all because something even better is about to arrive.
When there’s confusion and disorder, It is always important to know when something has reached its end. Closing circles, shutting doors, finishing chapters, it doesn’t matter what we call it; what matters is to leave in the past those moments in life that are over.

If I could take responsibility for the path I had chosen for myself, and all the consequences that accompanied that choice, even you could do it! And it gave me the simple but powerful satisfaction of extending a kindness to another person in a tough spot. I believe you could too, ‘Let’s talk about it!

May God help us all!

11 thoughts on “New Season to De-clutter our mind…

  1. Somehow, I find necessity looking over this piece over and over again and to investigate it forensically, peradventure there is a vital detail I missed at first by a distractive oversight especially because this content feels like me and because it is the mind of someone that has earned my reverence for her deep index for viewing and explaining life emotional senses and objective subjects. Light is experience: a thought that just dropped into my personal wealth of knowledge. Light is delightful when it is availed to those who have need of it but the benefactor of light always has an unpleasant story behind every beautiful lessons gained for the good of their benefitiaries. Understanding that it is a divine privilege to be called and given grace to pass through painful sojourns in the interest of others is a relief and a soothing balm for the wounds sustained by occasion of the heroic adventure. Every pain is a cause for gain. Maturity is giving value to your bitter experience by allowing it to be qualified by the good works of its lesson (light). It is a fruitful way to declutter the mind for peace and to find a rewarding value for the tears suffered by the heart of the benefactor.

    Stay happy; no matter what!


  2. You have indeed beamed the light of your ingenious depth to uncover a deeper sense of use of use of the word DECLUTTER in association with a significantly intrinsic and intricate part of the soul which is important to the living essence of the human nature. The happiness of any human type is dependent largely on a well arranged and sharply organized mind set. An appropriate and well defined mind also gives sound health to the soul and invariably to the body. The reason is that the mind is the nucleus of the order of a soul realm. Everything is perfect as long as the mindset is perfect. The attainment of a well developed and positively projected mindset is based on a background understanding of what is truth. Truth is the word of God. It therefore means that the image we create in our mind, which we hope to guide our being and bring us to a good representation, is supervised by the knowledge of God even our faith. Many have failed to realize true and forever living happiness because the have ignored this important factor (True nature of God), either deliberately or ignorantly. We must be more studious of our natural environment, their past, present and future expressions relative to us and all our involvement and embarkments while hoping to make gainful inferences to be used in guiding the plan for the development of our mind. This way, we would have the desired wisdom to integrate and to differentiate appropriately- Declutter.


    • The attainment of a well developed and positively projected mindset is based on a background understanding of what is truth. Truth is the word of God. Well said sir, Thank you.


  3. I feel privileged to be part of this blog! Thumbs up for finally launching it. I totally agree with this piece. I also see de-cluttering as “holding”on to important and constructive life lessons from our past experiences (especially those experiences that we had no control over) and doing away with the “chaff”. For me, doing away with the chaff has been really difficult. Growing up in a broken family, I experienced emotional disarray first hand. Every now and then it tries to rear it’s ugly head but I have come to realize that I have to make a conscious daily effort to not allow it affect me now. For me, knowing God’s word and surrounding myself with godly and sincere friends, who “shake me up” whenever the clutter seems to be gaining an upper hand has helped me tremendously.


    • I am fascinated by your level of thought in a deep sense and high light of projection. Sincerely, I actually thought I posted a comment until now that you notified my attention that made me see otherwise. However, I will add my thought to the comment column after a little while. Good work Yinka; I perceive the radiance of your mind!


    • Bunmi, I applaud you for having the courage to freely talk about how you were able to handle your period of emotional disarray and finally, de-cluttering. I believe you are truly encouraged and surrounded by a solid support group. Hoping someone out there will also reach out, and seek one. “Moving forward with you!


  4. About time you came up with something like this, I have watched you over the years ruminate about it spit it out and start all over. You have that loud vioce with a lot of implicit wisdom and rationale built in that in my opinion needs to be heard. You are a beacon of positive light and I have learnt so much from you over the years and I know a lot more people will experience positively life changing moments when they visit here.
    About today’s post, a wise woman of God once said and I quote “my past is my property and it is my prerogative to decide if I want the evil one to you use it against me”, I have chosen long ago not to let that happen and my prayer is that we all close the chapters on those issues in our lives that have become a clutter and in many ways do not glorify God. I believe we are able only to move on if we have learned from past experiences but as you have rightly said the key point here is de-cluttering and moving on and creating space for the Almighty to fill our lives with those greater and better things He has in store for us.

    God’s peace.


    • Thanks K-Law! Indeed, our past is our “personal” property” – Leaving it behind and moving on with valuable lesson learnt is important, so as not to keep carrying on with regrets or pain. More so, after de-cluttering, we should be able to testify, strengthen and encourage others about It – through our stories.


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