Let’s talk about it! – What’s holding you back from moving forward?

Ever wonder why we keep going around and around in circle?
Making the same mistakes over and over again?

Aha! Confusion and uncertainty ARE part of the process of growth. But they are not things unto themselves.

They are tools, used of God unto a purpose.
What is that purpose? That we might stop leaning upon our own understanding and perception, and trust God.

That the walk of faith is a walk in total darkness, but in total certainty about God. And the way we can enter into this walk is to be stripped of our faith and reliance upon our own understanding.

Rather than in our own understanding, we must, by
faith, place all our confidence in God Himself.

To move forward in life, First, we all need this clarity
May God help us all!

2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about it! – What’s holding you back from moving forward?

  1. Yinka, I agree with you. The reality of the amazing purpose for our uncertainty and the wonderful relevance of our mistakes is grossly aided, as a matter of necessity, by the sense of the supremacy of God’s knowledge, understanding and wisdom which are demonstrated evidently by the gracefulness of His works of creation which He expects to teach us to understand why we must need accept our blindness and trust Him to accomplish the the happiness which He believes and know is appropriate and adequate for us in overall complement of His wisdom so that we may have a deep appreciation of Him in relation to our understanding of our foolishness and limitations, thereby giving Him all praise and all glory. The sense in all these is that our uncertainty and the witness of His excellency was intentionally designed by God to bring us to a state of humility and christian love (charity) for God to the end that God might be acceptable to mankind by freewill acknowledgement as ALL IN ALL.
    I have no doubt that this your blog will be enriching; coming from you.


    • Well said Tony, and thanks for the compliment. In all, am seeing this as a special tool set up to help focus and acknowledge God’s presence.


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