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Creating space for the time of your life: Introducing Total Woman Conference 2017

ret-4Is it almost time already? Another upcoming all-women-lets-talk-about-us-gathering? Oh-my-goodness! I am so pumped up with vigor and vitality, even I am amazed at the rate at which I have surpassed my exercise goals to date! #CurvyGoals

I am getting my body in shape and looking forward to more jubilation with the girls and at the same time cleansing my mind for all the goodies it will be receiving at the electrifying upcoming Total Woman Conference 2017!

Come Thursday, April 27th to Saturday 29th 2017, do you know that the beautiful two-toned pastel decorated hallways of Ace conference center at Lafayette Hills in Pennsylvania would again be hosting yet another rewarding and even more gratifying 3 days/2 nights women only conference? Organized by the acclaimed Total Woman Movement? #SoExcitedForTWC2017

So, if you are like me, who’s super-honey-crisp apple-high, excited and almost packing for the event; #Accept-My-TWM-High-five!

logo-twOr if you are still wondering or contemplating what’s up with this year’s conference that requires your precious time away from your preferred activities, your hard earned money or the invasion of personal space as you share a room… You-are-not-alone but in for the thrill of a lifetime with other ladies who are on fire for God and ready to help you spell the word “HELP” by just revealing the secrets of splendor in togetherness!

Do you know that as you read this, the founder and planning committee of TW Movement are busy working day and night to create a personalized “go-ahead-and-flourish baskets-workshop” just because you are fondly thought of? #Special.ret-6

They are so thrilled that you will be making time out of your busy schedules to mingle and network with other ladies who have journeyed through life’s experiences and are overflowing with available and tangible resources to help you move forward to the next level in life #Seasoned

Am talking about women who have been there, done that and are finally at peace, established and rooted in the comfort of their gifting, excelling in all profitable aspects of life and are ready and equipped to pass the baton over to you #Settled

This year’s conference promises…’nourishing, fulfilling tools we need as women and that extra burst to push past our finish line! It promises not to just scratch the surface but to delve deep into the roots of the emotional, financial, marital, career and entrepreneurial aspects of our lives. WE COME TO BE TRULY EMPOWERED TO MOVE, It promises closure to those open wounds we have been fanning for too long! It promises to build up our hopes in times of hopelessness as it gently leads us up and out of our fixation by guiding us into the new “all we can be us”.

ret-2This year’s conference promises to walk down with you to the root, deal with that, walk you up the fruit, deal with that, and walk you up to the mountain top and giving you what it takes to remain there. #ToolsToExcel

So many lessons and treasured memories I have received from the past TW conference, and so many more I am anticipating at the upcoming 2017 Total Woman Conference…the question is are you ready to create space for that time of your life with TW Movement?

It’s one thing to keep attending seminars and workshops religiously without getting the message and putting it to work thereafter! Finally saying ‘Oh, so this is it! Or “Oh yeah, I got this”, ‘Isn’t it time for us to walk out of a conference and confidently look our demons in the eyes and say OK now, I got this, you’ve got to go!! – Literally, isn’t that the reason why we come together in the first place? To help each other kick out the strongholds, nourish each other with tools needed to move forward and exit the seminar with a satisfied smile on our faces?

We come in with a burden, we walk out lighter with strategies to move to the next level!

Are you on a career path that seems to lead nowhere and wondering how to switch or re-direct your purpose? Is it a difficult relationship or a marriage about to hit the rocks? Or that incident from the past, that’s now a mental health issue but too embarrassing to discuss? Is it still brewing? Did you experience being raped, rejected or relinquished? Hmm, believe me Sisters, You are not alone!ret-7

Would you like to discuss how to achieve stability as a single mother or a widower? Are you looking for a path to recovery? Are you a care giver of a special needs child or family member, overwhelmed but fully obligated to keep on living? Intimacy discussions and how to set the mood right for a happier marriage? Are you seasoned and experienced? The younger ladies might learn a thing or two from you!

Ladies!! We are all either natural rule-followers or rebels, we try to live our lives righteously and then allow grace to come in when we don’t. We repent and thank God for His grace when we miss it knowing we have been redeemed by His mercy. Are we not so special and settled when we live freely from the bondage of falling short? So why are we still living in the past?

How many times have we had a voice saying to us ‘Just look at the mess you made?  See what you did? I told you not to do this, and you didn’t listen to me! Now look at you! ‘Instead, God reached down into our holes, lifted us up and out of it, and He dusted the dirt and shame off us! Even hugged us with the most loving and comforting embrace, with no sign of bitterness, disappointment, or anger. #Settledret-1

Is that not grace? God’s unconditional love and forgiveness in our life, especially when we don’t deserve it.

Today, if you are reading this! Do-your-victory-dance! Hooray!!’because…

You are being invited to a one of a kind Holistic Conference!

TWC 2017 is here!! To help you move out of your perceived comfort zone, to take charge of the task ahead of you, live life to the fullest by God’s grace! Which is that same freedom we are called to live in.  #BeSecuredSettledSatisfied

More to come…

Yours in HOPE!


*** For more information and signing up, visit:




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Patching Old Scars with Fancy New Stitches

scars 7When you hear a good old song play, what do you do? Do you jump up and begin to dance excitedly immediately to the rhythm? Or pretend you’re not feeling the vibes?’ even as some of your body parts unconsciously continue to move to the beats, and eventually you give up on your hidden-emotions, throw up your hands in the air like you-just-don’t-care!

Or like me…’do you run up to the front of a live performance with arms akimbo, mouth wide open in exaggerated amazement as I ignore the prying eyes of onlookers and begin to groove to the beat, then suddenly pointing to the band and mumbling…’Hmm! Hmm! Hmm! You-sure-can-jam!

One of the most memorable live musical shows I attended was one of the performances by Lagbaja (Famous Nigerian Artist) in 1996 at Ikoyi court, Lagos. My friends and I were mesmerized by the high quotient of percussion instruments that consisted of congas and talking drums, this new and upcoming group obviously drew its principal inspiration from the traditional highlife music of the 60s, as well as western jazz. Its emergence was just what we college kids needed then, a breath of fresh air!scars 2

The lyrics of one of the songs played that night “Baby Tani Ko Fewa” (Babe, we’re asking you out/babe, marry us) got everyone thinking deep about the current status of their relationship. Especially dealing with our choice of life partners, their profession and the outcome of the choice made. I bet every bachelor in there without any future-ambition-plan must have felt like “Yeah! Speak the word Lagbaja“Tell them”. LOL!!

That was almost 20 years ago, and the message behind the song sent each one of us thinking about our lives for a very long time. There was passion to love life to the fullest then, But what about now? I can barely sit through another live performance without thinking of all the numerous tasks left undone on my to-do notebook. Thinking of it alone, drives me nuts! Argh!

So, aren’t some good-old-love songs from our past similar to certain scars we dread touching or tracing? Aren’t they similar to sewn lines left by stitches? Some are with bitter experiences of break up or mistakes, while others require a modern version for the lyrics to give new hope, maybe for a new relationship. Whatever that music is that’s a memorial from the past, it sure must require some kind of pampering or nurturing now if we still feed it. Don’t you think so?scars 10

The reality is that we are all “banged up a little.” In the book “A Farewell to Arms” Ernest Hemingway writes, “The world breaks everyone and many are strong at the broken places.”

But are we allowed to hide those emotions behind those silly love songs or pretend to self-soak our sorrows in gospel songs as needed? Are we allowed to subdue our talents or gifting in order to kill time? Nothing could be further from the truth. Hurt may be inevitable, but misery is optional. How we respond to pits and pain and lyrics of songs is our choice.

Today, we can either surrender to the negativity or create an identity that feels at home in our musical-pit or we can embrace the pain of the scar and learn from it.

We can either settle for a life defined by pain or we can harness the power of our pain and use it for good.

We can try to ignore the pain and hope it all goes away or we can face it and let God heal the broken places.

We all have hidden scars, fresh wounds and broken places. The good news is that God is drawn to broken people. In fact, He accomplishes His greatest works through those who are most broken. We all can testify to that!scars 9

If you are reading this today and have had flashbacks of a particular song where the lyrics literally gives you goose bumps…’do you blame it on other people’s shortcomings? Or wallow in self-pity? Or struggle with your mind by creating escape routes? Are you still in denial?

Isn’t that a ‘Once-Upon-a-time-story? Are we still dragging our ‘when-I-used-to-be’ into our ‘emerge-now-self? Isn’t it time to literally find a good needle and thread to stitch up the loose ends, the scars or loop holes in our lives so we can finally emerge?

scars 6Does discouragement make you want to quit – until an email or text of encouragement lands in your inbox?

Or do you just pray for that challenging situation or chronic pain to be taken away – I know I do, until I realize that God uses it to keep me desperate for Him. What are you desperate for? A new stitch? Or a new love song? Choose wisely!

Yours in Hope as I share “Shawn Mendes” – Stitches.





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For such a time as this in Kenya!

qeg massai

The Maasai attendants at the QEG Summit.

My encounter with QUEEN ESTHER GENERATION 2015 Summit in Kenya.

When you hear the name Queen Esther, what comes to your mind immediately? Another fable in the bible? Or a story about a lady who spoke into existence her desire for her people? Or a tale about an orphaned Jewish girl raised by her older cousin, Mordecai? Or a myth about a serene girl who wowed the King over with her subtle character? Or a certain girl who suppressed Queen Vashti’s arrogance of ignoring King Xerxes (the powerful King who ruled over 127 provinces) by simply being responsive, reactive and receptive, when she was called upon to showcase her beauty – Who gallantly walked into a palace and made a King bow to her request? Or a common citizen of a then-generation un-known, who changed the agenda and royal protocol by standing out and living her destiny? Who do we know Esther to be?

Do we even understand the magnitude of the legacy she’s left behind for a new generation of women and their un-born children to come, even as we are reading this?

sat summ moth pray

Dr. Kinyanju Ng’ang’a, Apostle Despina and Pastor Esther Obasi-Ike giving MOTHER’s BLESSINGS AT KICC, KENYA

Well, I do now.

And so do the 6,000 women who attended the Queen Esther Generation summit with me in Kenya just recently.

qeg crowd


So, what is Queen Esther Generation movement all about?

It is a non-denominational women’s program in Nairobi, Kenya. Founded by Pastor (Dr.) Mrs. Esther Obasi-Ike. The vision is to have a society of transformed, equipped, empowered and engaged Christian women in selfless service to God and humanity. Fondly referred to as ‘QEG” – the mission is aimed at becoming a premier organization committed to providing and promoting women leadership with a difference.

Allow me to indulge your audience as I bring to you, the wonderful life transforming experience at Queen Esther Generation summit, which I was so blessed to be a part of courtesy of my home church Pastor (Thank you!).

praise dance


Permit me to reminiscence and conjure up the powerful solidarity of a team of devoted and dedicated women whose storylines and paths are interwoven with life’s issues! The power of prayer amongst a determined group of women in need of a breakthrough for their household! The impact of the ministration that was so strong that it pulled out a crowd of over 500 attendants to the pulpit during altar call to dedicate their lives! The testimonies of women who were once teenagers and had wandered away into the wilderness or suffered abusive relationship, desperate for a change and ready to cancel any generational curse evident in their lives!


qeg summit 1

QEG Summit uniform. Praise Dance.

The radiance and glow on the faces of all the women who couldn’t have cared less about the person standing next to them! The govt. power house and the bread seller, the college professors and the janitors! The CEOs and the teenagers. All under one roof. For one mission. To seek God’s face.

Oh! The beauty and relief of just letting go and allowing the worship songs to take its place during praise night…and the dance moves! Aha!” it was like I couldn’t even remember the last time I danced so much in God’s presence! And didn’t even want to stop 2 hours after! It was indeed a summit of issuing an eviction notice to every illegal occupant in our lives! The amicable connection that developed with the new friends made! The personal stories that linked us together by fate!

Wow! Such a time as this!

The sudden rush of crowds filling up the stadium, the excitement on the faces of those already seated, beads of perspiration lined up on the foreheads of those stranded in traffic, the hustle and bustle of the open market, anxious drivers subconsciously driving in and out of the scattered potholes causing passengers to hold on tight to the edge of their seats, the pile up of cars and buses on the busy Mbagathi Way, the excitement at the Masaai market as women begin to pack up for the day – all in anticipation of attending the summit – I was just too blessed to witness all these around me!

qeg dance

I KNOW WHO I AM – Praise Night at NYAYO stadium.

What blew my mind as I interviewed some attendants was the deep devotion and pure love they all have for this movement. “I was nothing but a lost a teenager when QEG transformed me, today am here with my children” “I always feel like a lost woman, but QEG turned my tears into joy” “Society has labeled me as a useless being, all the men in my life were just interested in what they could get from me” “I used to be on fire for God, campus life changed me, QEG delivered and supported me”  

2015-07-03 12.24.50

Food & Décor Shopping for the QEG Summit.

So, every woman carries the boldness of Queen Esther in them (sometimes it takes longer to discover it). Every woman is a star. And because every star was created to shine for others (not for ourselves) we become story tellers, and sometimes we all need a guide too to lead us into the kingdom, especially those of us who are not strong enough to win the battle of whatever we are struggling with. That is where the bond begins! That is how unity is built! And for every un-paved roads we’ve taken in life, the journey ahead becomes smoother and easy; only! When we are able to tap into the lessons of those before us. Literally, we become the GPS for the generation of women to come, after us. If only we lay a solid foundation for them now.

qeg summit us

QEG President & Founder, Pastor Esther Obasi-Ike acknowledging our presence. (Mrs Taiwo Ola & Yinka Lawrence). at KICC.

So, if you are reading this and you know a young adult/woman/man/teenager who is going through some turbulence in life? This is the time to be that movement. You don’t literally have to be in Kenya to be the change; you can start within your community. This is the time to stand up and adorn yourself with garment of compassion and kindness. This is not the time to judge or single out their misgivings. This is not the time to play church, but…to take the church to the needy! This is the time to reach out!

Never have I witnessed such a huge crowd of anointed gathering with everyone’s focus on making an impact or hungry for a change! I am hoping to pass down all QEG has taught me: Refining of character, Accessing the favor of God and being Alert to God’s lead. For having the best spirit-led hostess, Her Excellency at the Nigerian High Commission Residence, Thank you ma! For re-connecting with my so-long-ago-now happily married adopted baby sister in Kenya (Bola, Mr. J & Tiwa) Priceless! For having the most adorable protocol-in-service ladies from RCCG Solution Center, Kenya. Ss. Priscilla & Virginia, Thank you!. For the blessings that came from all the anointed speakers…’Powerful! ‘Because of you all…’It was indeed such a beautiful time of my life! ‘Much love.

Yours in HOPE as I share my favorite QEG praise night worship song “I know who I am” by SINACH.














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Why every WOMAN needs a yearly Retreat Workshop! (In Marriage, Sexuality, Relationship, Family & Total Well Being) Part One.

twc front

“Is he capable of loving me?”  It was a question I’d wondered many times, as I mulled over his countless reasons for being busy, his abusive tendencies, and this disease that makes him self-centered and manipulative. Maybe he’s loving me the best way he can, maybe I just need to wait for him to propose? But is it enough for me to keep waiting for him? And for how long? 

“He never hit me, never yelled, never called me hurtful names and yet the vacuum was there, hidden beneath my excuses and justifications for hanging in this marriage. Sometimes it takes an objective, outside perspective to shine a light on a truth I didn’t want to see. I wanted simple love-making! He wants just raw sex! How do I let him know without seeming desperate or sex-starved?  

“A few months after my beautiful son Sammy was born, I began to wonder why he hadn’t started laughing or cooing yet. My family and friends tried to calm my fears. They said nothing was wrong. But I knew there was a bigger reason. After series of developmental evaluation and assessment, the diagnosis came…Sammy is Autistic! ’And suddenly, my world began to crumble. How do I deal with this?

“I would really love to do more in God’s house…but I feel trapped in my mindset with negativity and all the drama and politics that comes with it and I get distracted and run away from my God-given purpose… I know God’s calling me to do more…but, what do I do?”

 “When you see me on the outside, I glow and dazzle like a beautiful-stained glass! But on the inside am totally not myself. I feel overwhelmed and empty, Am still waiting patiently on God for his beautiful promises! But sometimes too… I need HELP! I can’t do it alone. What do I do?

 ‘I’ve historically been most attracted to damaged, baggage-carrying men! My past is sour, yet juicy when am entangled with what the future has to offer. But how can I move forward in a relationship where there’s no heat, no fireworks?  Am still asking myself, why I’m attracted to certain men?

 So, if you are reading this and would like to add more significance or meaning to your life as a WOMAN! You are most definitely invited to this workshop! Hosted by in Philadelphia, PA.

If you have navigated a major life transition? Battling a personal emotional dilemma? Needing to make an impact by touching someone? Needing a Christian support group that can help you open up and talk deep WOMEN’s talk! Ahhhhh! You REALLY! REALLY!! don’t want to miss this: WOMEN ONLY RETREAT/WORKSHOP/SUMMIT!

This women’s workshop is a delightful journey in self-exploration with an eye towards finding pragmatic steps to life changes.

The workshop includes: facilitated group-coaching sessions; exploration and heart-to-heart discussion to help build up your marriage, make you appreciate your current relationship, clarify priorities in dating, connect to a support group that addresses your special-needs child or family member, create dreams for a balanced life , and help set goals to develop personalized action plan; and best of all…

Be empowered with a Beautiful group of WOMEN who love God deeply and are willing to SINCERELY hold your hands, look into your eyes and tell you…”Sister! You are only a traveler on this life’s journey, your destination is guided and directed only by God! You Can Do It! Let it out! Let it go! Let God In! Because you are a woman…’You are truly Beautiful Inside Out!


April 22 – April 25, 2015. It promises to be an inspiring and empowering week with anointed speakers:

 *** Pastor Marcos Mercado, Praise Philadelphia 103.9 Radio host of Marriage Beyond the Vows.

***Ministering: Pastor (Dr.) Esther Obasi-Ike (RCCG Solution Center, Kenya, Africa),

***Rev. Sade Fasedemi (Waterfalls Ministries, South Africa).

 ***Registration can be completed at

 ***Early Bird Registration is $120, which ends March 27, 2015.

***Regular Registration is $150, from March 28 to April 21, 2015.

***Full Time Student Early Bird Registration is $50, which ends March 19, 2015.


Yours in HOPE…

Yinka Lawrence ( Workshop Moderator for Beautiful Wife/Woman )

To Be Continued…



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