Casualties of our TO DO list

Since my Son became a teenager and an avid soccer lover, I’ve learned the act of making his passion my focal point by heeding intently as he speaks, nodding in agreement or squinting my eyes from oblivion to keep alert every now and then as I watch the dimples on his boyish cheeks deepen.

I have also mastered hiding my boredom without rolling my eyes as He excitedly recites the history of every single soccer player in Europe.

Whether I pronounce Kylian Mbappe properly or I mix up Dybala as a Tottenham Hotspur player instead of Juventus or when I confuse Kane as a PSG team member! Phew! But, s-e-r-i-o-u-s-l-y ‘what-do-I-know?

His constructive tutoring and contagious zeal are always enhanced as I venture into supporting his winning-failing team. Well, I guess am still obligated to believe in them whatever happens on the field!   #UpManchesterUnited

He once went to see a soccer match at the stadium between Liverpool F.C. & Manchester United.  Of course, he was all geared up in his favorite Manchester United scarf, hat and T-shirt.  All Excited! Expectant! Victory-Mindset!


But He returned home sober, angered because His team lost, most of his main players were absent and probably that’s why they lost. He managed to console himself with that notion.

Oh Vinny! It is okay to still be happy with your team!

But in the mind of my young lad, mentally, He’s figuring out how to reset his task list, scratch off the feeble players, redirect his focus on how and why the opposing team scores, introduce strategic pointers, replace weak defenders with agile offence or even be able to coach the team one day.

Oh, He is making a conscious effort to also scold their old manager, Jose Mourihno, for holding back his best players: Nos 9 Romelu-Lukaku of Belgium and Nos 6 Paul Pogba of France.

He was angry at Liverpool for allowing their strong players, Nos 11 – Mohamed Salah of Egypt and Nos 10 – Sadio Mane of Senegal walk with victory and gloat over his team.

This is ridiculous! He groaned as he replayed the match in his mind.

His strategic to do list was invented!

Game of Thrones Arya's Kill List Arya Stark

After watching GoT (Game of Throne) religiously, one of the most appealing part for me was Arya’s character. Arya Stark’s list was invented when Syrio Foral, her fighting instructor  was killed.

He was Ayra’s sword fighting instructor, life mentor, and her only friend in King’s Landing. His death at the hands of Meryn Trantis was what lit the spark under Arya Stark which eventually lead to the list.

Her revenge to do list was ignited!

When Oskar Schindler arrived Krakow in 1939, He was ready to make his fortune from World War II. Even though He joined the Nazi party primarily for his personal/political expediency, He eventually began to staff his factory with Jewish workers for similarly businesslike reasons.

When the secret service began exterminating Jews in the Krakow ghetto, Schindler arranges to have all his workers protected to keep his factory in operation, but soon realizes that in so doing, he is also saving innocent lives.

His compassion to do list was created!

So, emotional needs can be every bit as acute as physical ones.  That’s because we all subconsciously create lists of things to do.  We create tasks to accomplish, shuffle within the timelines, stretching out yard sticks to measure our plans based on trending dispositions. Sometimes, forgetting that underperformed tasks when only simply written down will not always make us effective archievers, but day dreamers and unrealistic chasers.

Those visual cues or mental notes of things we intend to do… ‘Hit or Missed Opportunities. Sometimes going as far as scribbling down goals from our imagination, crossing them out when completed or, imperfect due to pressure or just lack of motivation.

The setback with our to-do lists is usually the process.

Understanding how it can also give way to panicky outbursts when tasks we haven’t completed set in to distract or discourage our movement. ‘Can we begin to make plans for ‘what’s next so we can be free from fixation anxiety, especially when the orderliness does not materialize? ‘Can we still discover happiness and purpose when our well-planned list becomes a blurry puzzle? ‘Can we embrace our detour gracefully and not dwell on what we feel, want or know?

How well do we understand the blessings or biases behind the change, the delayed rude awakening of life’s expectations? How fortunate are we to thrive in following the new lead and understanding, perhaps that for a moment, we need to be constantly aware of our tendency to revert… to be back the way we were. We cannot always mold, manipulate or miscalculate our own destiny if we are still casualties of our expectations!

To be continued…

Yours in HOPE,

a-filha-de-Gansallo, Yinka!

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It. Takes. Two.


ur partEvery relationship we are in right now is a journey we choose to go on. Whether persuaded, coaxed or dazed by love at first sight.

We all go in it with open minds and crazy expectations! ‘well, except otherwise minded.

Either chasing after imaginary star-studded dreams or collecting a trophy-partner.

While every adventurer on that journey is either never equipped enough to embrace a detour when needed or too rigid in accepting that, there will always be a need for digression. Someday, somehow, when life falters.

So, have you ever looked back at your life, ‘like twenty-one-years ago and wondered whatever happened to the younger you? Youthful zeal outgrown by series of stifling events? Cherished memories erased by blurry visions of life’s challenges? Beautiful people, places and time once known now replaced by leftovers or shadows of their shells?

Are circumstances around you now the determining factors of joy and peace in your life? Is hope still sealed within your heart as you continue to navigate this much-rated pledge called, marriage?

In as much as I try to convince my 3 kids that I was actually “petite, cool and all that” even before I got married 21 years ago…’they always throw their heads back, flash their upcoming and unadulterated wisdom teeth, clap their hands in teenage astonishment with a silly smirk and laugh at me, I guess they find it unbearably inconceivable to accept!


They usually give me that look of…how can? You, Mom? Until they can’t contain it and blurt out saying…


It’s like no amount of the reigning teenager’s dance moves #Scissors #Shoop or #Floss I attempt with them at home during our kitchen-Zumba-dance-show-off could convince these kiddos that hope and patience are still and will always be my wheel of alignment for life…especially in my marriage, that each day brings fresh possibilities and opportunities for us to trust God more.

Mind. Blowing.


Am I missing something in my adult life? Or is the element of hope and patience a thing of despair as we age gracefully in a relationship? Is there a time or age limit for couples to be “cool” and “all that” because they are so comfortable with each other?

Isn’t this the downfall of most relationships this days? When we think ‘we are so grown and over the jolly, child-like courting emotions we used to portray?

When we let go of the spark we used to have, because we have secured a 6 pack man or 6-figure job?

It takes two to tango! It takes two to scatter, it take two to gather!

I usually still do the 80’s and 90’s dance moves or music, just to show my brewing-millennia at home that, “Yeah, mom still got it! Or rather, Mom and Dad still got it! The moves, the vibes, the connection and most of all Hope and patience to get us all through every phase and challenge life brings…


So today as I celebrate my 21st wedding anniversary in a very quiet, intimate, soul-searching, goals setting-getaway with my husband and 3 kids, far-far away on a private Island tucked within the upper peninsulas, our only mode of transportation being loyal-horse driven wagons and rental bicycles, soaking up the sun and getting amazed at the different species of chipmunks and butterflies ever created!

I couldn’t help but reminiscence on the lessons learned and acquired over the years or the path of despair hope helped restored. Hoping someone reading this will lay down the expectations required in their relationships right now and throw it all at God’s will.


  1. Our hope is not hope until it is up against desperate circumstances! Hope is not hope until it becomes the ability to believe in the promise, even when we cannot see the proof – but yet, we are able to rejoice today, for what’s coming tomorrow…

  2. Our patience must also have the capacity to be wronged and not retaliate. To be patient is to have the ability to endure, but it doesn’t stop there when you are hurting. But, it-will-get-better! Be Encouraged!

Yours in HOPE as I share one of my favorite songs from 21 years ago…











Oh Snap! I have a TEENAGER in my house!

house-2When you are alone, in privacy, during the most intense period of your day, are you always calm? composed or just tolerant?

When you are in the shower or sitting on the comfort of your toilet bowl at home, does your mind begin to play a crossword reality check game with you? Do you drift or wonder into oblivion? Or you focus on some relaxing memories as you try to ignore images and flashes of the next chapter of your life?


I-do-a-lot! In fact, that is one craving routine for me! My bathroom is my go-to solitary hide-out!

As a kid, anytime I need to escape the piercing words or the back-hand slaps from my mother after I have really crossed the lines, I would go hide inside the toilet with a novel, preferably Penny Jordan’s M & B tucked inside my Brighter Grammar book, a pack of bazooka bubblegum, can of waterboy spray, drummer-boy air-freshener;  and a short prayer hoping that by the time I come out much later, my mom and her stop-over-to-visit-anytime siblings are not waiting for me in the dining room to dissect and analyze my “queer and mysterious apocalyptic ways”

house-10Hmmm, Aunty Virgie, ‘I told you she’s weird! I bet she talks to herself and her unseen pals, ‘We need to take her for charismatic deliverance! They would whisper among themselves as I sneak by and pretend not to understand their language and creep back into my room.

And today, It’s no secret in my household that, my bathroom is still my ‘thinking and hiding zone’ especially when I bolt the door behind me to keep my prying kids out! Phew!

“Open the door mommy, I need to tell you or show you something!

‘I-am-busy-now! I usually scream back as I return to my indulgence with a deep sigh of relief.

Ah! The serene sound and soothing effect of the running hot water on my skin, creating a tornado of misty steam, the aromatic lemon grass scented candle dropping its wax in unison to the beats of the water splashing….such bliss!

house-11So, my oldest daughter just became a teenager, a dainty one and not as dramatic or crazy or a firecracker as I was at her age!  #ThankGodForThat

And the more we grow together under the same roof, the more I become weak in the knees seeing how much she reminds me of me then in so many ways!

I stumbled upon her journal and there goes pages and pages of pure undocumented short stories she had written over the years, and a recent write up about her spiritual encounter at “Breathe girls only retreat” organized by  About One teenager ministry @ #BrightmoorChristianChurch and her joy at spending time alone too…in the BATHROOM!

My heart did a backflip two-miles away from my body until it dawned on me she-shares my-passion-for-writing! and for all I care, could be writing the story of my life!

And I thought about my own life … my own past … my own relationship with my mother!

And yet … there are many times when my life does not exude that joy, maybe when I was a teenager…house-12


Maybe I have forgotten what it was like to witness the wonder of His presence in my life. Those times when my life was too crowded for God, and I just needed to breathe again…

Today, whether you have a teenager under your roof, or you know a teenager who looks up to you as their roof, how much do you really know them? How are you fueling their lives for tomorrow’s story they intend to write about?

Isn’t it is so easy to relegate our spirituality to religious activity? When all they really want is to learn the path to follow? When we allow them to do more or all of the talking, while we wait on them?

house-6Oh Yes!!  There is a teenager in my house! and just like God longs for us to forever run into His arms, sharing every hurt and rejoicing in every victory, that’s exactly how every teenager yearns to wrap their emotional-arms around us, completing the peace we so desperately need!

Won’t you Join in today? and live a life that celebrates the amazing truth that opens the doors to a teenage-heart!

Happy 13th Birthday, Sophia!

Yours in HOPE as I share Jonny Diaz’s Breathe.



Having ‘The Sex TALK’ with Teenagers. How do we encourage their words to come out?

nig pix 1

Have you ever been given a very short notice to quickly make a decision for someone? What about if you are asked to select a group of people by their age status, and told to pick out the ones you’ll most likely be at ease with? Who would you pick?

Now separate them by their body language (uneasiness, eyes rolling, fidgeting, gum popping, eyes twitching, mouth pouting or lips slightly parted in an unconscious bewilderment!). Ask this compromising question: “Tell me what you know about Sex?” and watch the drama unfold. Aha!

In which of these group would you rather be? The been-there, done-that evergreen with wisdom group? The Midlife crisis solicitors, still hanging on to “should-have-been” and “would-have been? The show-and-tell group still drowning in their emotional rollercoaster lifestyle? The ripe and ready to-be plucked on a pedestal? Or the “buy-one-get-one free hormonal-fired-up tween/teenagers! Whose constant mood swings and blasting emotional rage of self-discovery is now their weapon against the world? Who would you choose to have a real dialogue with?

My choice: The Tween/Teenagers. Awesome sauce!.

Adolescence is the teenage years between 13 and 19 and can be considered the transitional stage from childhood to adulthood. However, the physical and psychological changes that occur in adolescence can start earlier, during the preteen or “tween” years (ages 9 through 12). Adolescence can be a time of both disorientation and discovery. The transitional period can bring up issues of independence and self-identity; many adolescents and their peers face tough choices regarding schoolwork, sexuality, drugs, alcohol, and their social life. Peer groups, romantic interests and external appearance tend to naturally increase in importance for some time during a teen’s journey toward adulthood.

Most teenagers today would rather have a tete-a-tete talk about their sprouting awareness of life with a total stranger than take it home and be judged, scolded or reprimanded for even thinking about it! They have so much street-wise information stored up in their memory board and basically living it through a confused world as whether to believe it? Experiment with it? Ignore it? Pray through it? Be part of it? Be it? Or live in Denial?teen 6

So, how do we begin the sex talk with them? When do we start talking about it? Should we wait for them to get to school and consume every information thrown on their laps? Allow the stranger or “supposedly” trusted one to physically instruct and coach them emotionally by touching and tampering with their innocence and destinies? Carving unforgettable scars on them before we feel the cut? Should we embrace the societal perspective of how they should be groomed for this topic, or allow the school system to encourage safe sex policy by dishing out free sophisticated contraceptives like colored condoms for pregnancy/disease protection as opposed to teaching strategies for abstinence or avoidance?

When do we begin to understand that “the sex talk” should actually be a part of a regular ongoing casual talk they should first receive from home rather than being thrown out there to become exploitive scavengers in the hands of  desperate pirates! Or like when my mom is cooking and I have to stand by and watch and then from nowhere she just ask…” So, you know you have started your menstrual flow, so you can’t look at a man! ‘And remember the child of whom you are and be assertive! (Lol) seriously!!! …that was more of a threat than a warning or advice! Meaning once I visually glance at a man or say hello, I might be impregnated! Or why wasn’t I alarmed that as I will be going to an all-girls boarding school 10,000 kilometers away from home, that the rules also follows for being looked at or touched by the same gender! Hmmm.

It only gets better when we turn the mic around. We give them a voice too, we allow them to take the floor and be the one in charge of talking about their fears and feelings as opposed to when we keep hovering over them. Sometimes, especially when we’ve given all that do’s and don’ts –talk… we still need to hear them out. Let them know they still have a voice and every silly question or mistake they are afraid of asking is certainly the beginning of a better outlet for them to embrace the world ahead. By creating a platform for openness among these teenagers, as difficult as it seems to be, an alibi or trust-bond with them usually encourages openness and helps in confronting other issues. We might need to be sensitive to their minefield of biological, emotional, and psychological maturation.

Maybe you think back to your own teenage years and you cringe at the thoughts of some of your youthful exuberance or you smile when you remember all the silly pranks you played and easily got away with. But it doesn’t hit home harder until you meet one playing out your past role, or your own kids reach that stage that you begin to understand why so many family members had so much advice for your “puberty-acquired-self” or one particular relative is always all in your business! Especially when you reach that maturation age.  Anyone can teach the basic facts about reproduction in an hour or two (or they can be read in any of several reference books), but we are in the best position to put this information in the proper context and give it the right perspective over a period of years. There are no cut-and-dried formulas for carrying out this.teen 5

Gone are the days when we compare what we read in romantic novels and see in movies, where we see a parent all tensed and sweaty-palmed, stammers through a convoluted description of sex to a preadolescent child. Who already knows all of the details. But, why is there such tension when parents are about discussing sex with their kids anyway? Are we aware that many children learn about sex from everyone but their parents?

Uncontrollable school playground slangs and obscenity, a distorted description of intercourse from the tough kid up the street, or worst of all, a look at some pornographic material on cable TV or the Internet often provides a child’s first jarring glimpse of sex. Without an ethical context, sex education becomes little more than basic training in anatomy, physiology, infectious diseases and contraception. While seeing it as an act, in the proper context (sees Mom and Dad hugging and kissing) both expresses love and begins new life, retains his innocence. But a child who knows very little about sex can already have a corrupt mind-set if he has been exposed to it in a degrading, mocking or abusive context.know me

Today’s problem with our disconnection with teenagers lies in trying to control or manipulate them. When we aggressively challenge problematic behaviors, especially with certain kinds of kids, that will only increase their defiance and alienation, and when a mistake is made, we become the last to know about it!

Here’s what am hoping someone who knows a teenager in need would do soon; accept that behind every problem behavior there is an emotional gap, an experience that is missing from a kid’s life. I am hoping that we can help them identify what’s missing and lead them back halfway home. Because unmet emotional needs stimulate disruptive behaviors and create gaps in maturity. For those gaps to close, it’s best to focus on providing new and enriching experiences that will satisfy those unmet needs.

Starting now, let’s create a clean platform that allows every teenager we come in contact with to feel free and discuss compromising issues like sex and reproduction, personal hygiene and living well, way before they even hear about it on the playground or at the school cafeteria! We need to talk more about controlling and moving ahead of peer pressure amongst our teenagers before they are overpowered by the flashy lifestyle of their environment!

We need to be their first response when dealing with emotional conflicts and sabotaging relationships! The best place for a child to learn about sexuality is at home from those who care most about them. We have to create a safe harbor for them to own their voice by allowing them to say what they want to say. Even if it seems ridiculous, we still need to allow their words of “I need help” “I feel helpless” “I am not popular or I feel bullied” “No one likes me” “I think I am in love” “I am not pretty enough” “Everyone’s doing it, why not me” “My family sucks”…all come out freely without the listener being judgmental or calculating, but interestingly inquisitive and amazed like the teenage girl hawking in the picture above!

Yours in HOPE as I share Sara Bareilles “BRAVE” ( say what you wanna say, let the words fall out ).