Intentionally Filled-Up for a New Year

My favorite part of eating out in a fancy restaurant apart from the ambiance and good food is usually observing the composed and mastered display of hospitality of the stand-by waitress or waiter; particularly how they keep attentive eyes on the customer. We hear things like…

“May I refill your glass?” “Are you enjoying your meal?”
“May I get you something else on the menu?” “Is everything okay?”

Whether we see it as a glorified spoiler tip or a dedicated show of servitude, these are all part of the menu and already paid for because the motives are intentional! We-are-Being-served or Filled-up, On purpose! Simple.

One of my favorite memories while growing up was a particular visit to a fancy restaurant with my dad (inside Eko Hotel) and the exciting feelings of the warm reception of being waited on, catered for and the wide smile on the waiter’s face as he continuously came to our table to ask if he could do more!

I was only 9-years-old, but could have sworn everything on the menu tasted so good and far better than anything in our kitchen at home!  #NoOffenseMom

My Dad ordered a huge glass of Chapman for himself, and a bottle of orange Fanta for me. But, I wanted a taste of the chapman too…So I quickly drank up my boring orange Fanta and tilted my empty cup towards him…’looking up at him…just smiling, not a word uttered…’but with a child’s longing, innocence and  “feed-the-child-now face!

Papai, fill me up! I whispered in my tiny shrill voice. And He did…poured some of his drink into my empty cup, at first to taste and then more willingly and intentionally. *(Papai is a Portuguese term for Daddy of Father).

Now and every time I share the story with my 3 kids whenever we dine out….’they always laugh at me and say #Gross or ‘Eww Seriously! Mom, honestly, we don’t want to share your drink, just get ours! or Phew, that’s so #Savage… Mom!…Ah, but what-do-they-know about life?

intent 1

So, we all have those metaphorical ‘Fill it up expectation cups’ in our lives! Some hold love for others, some expect acceptance from others, while some are usually tilted sideways, facing or directed towards the wrong people, the wrong location, the wrong ideas, all waiting and expecting to be filled, loved and fulfilled by the world. Some seeking emotional comfort in all the wrong places, while others already capsized and given up on getting filled up, again or ever!

Today, as you are reading this, even though you did not meet all your expectations, would you still say you were intentionally filled in 2017? Was it a nailed-it year or are you still in the process of discovering how to slay it? Perhaps, it was a year of good riddance to bags of rubbish?

Oh, hold on!!, was it an eventful one with unlimited passion or zeal to move on? Were you initially hopeful but now downcast? Imaginatively surprised because of a new life, new birth of ideas and closures on unmerited projects?

Or like me, did you acquire relevant wisdom and surprised yourself by finally doing it? #Fist Bump! Or you lost some hope initially but gradually building up courage, again?

Anyone feel like a soaked-up squeezed-out sponge? Or on a brand new horizon because of lessons learned from the past? ‘Or still burned-out trying to meet up with someone else’s needs… ‘His needs… ‘Her needs… ‘World’s needs and just never having time to remember YOUR own needs?

Was your cup eventually filled? Full, half way or still empty, waiting, anticipating? Debating? Are you still holding up your cup(s) facing up and expecting to be filled?


What angle is your cup tilted to? Who is it directed to? #ChangeTheAngleOfYourCup
How often do we hold out our empty cups towards others? Oh, how many times have we joyfully pour into other people’s cup, always filling it even when not prompted to? Why so?

How often do we appreciate and savor our own blessings? ’Logically, should we be expectant? What would it take for us not to focus on the inconveniences we encounter along the way that sometimes accompany the good things in our lives?

Or maybe in 2017, we have been offering our open cups to the wrong filler? And when those cups are not filled as expected…’these moments of disconnection and conviction causes us to consider the condition of our heart as well as the circumstances that surround us. Which forces us to assess soul situations, our emotions, edgy responses, unkind words, missed opportunities, snippy attitudes, and the myriad of rebellion we have got going on. Hmmm…

‘Ever thought of questioning why we keep running on empty for a purpose? Maybe it was intentionally crafted? Maybe it is because we are holding out our empty cups in the direction of people who are also holding out their empty cups in our direction too? 

I am hoping someone will embrace 2018 knowing and accepting that all things work for their good and it is intentional. That when we tilt our cups upward and trust only God to do his part, we will not have to run around to people or places, hoping to get filled up.greetings

Yours in HOPE as I share Intentional by Travis Greene.



33 thoughts on “Intentionally Filled-Up for a New Year

  1. This is amazingly inspiring. For some of us who always expect others to complete us or do something in return for us, and they don’t…you are so right..maybe they are also expecting from complete their void. Insecurity, loneliness, social media acceptance…
    Please post on Facebook, people out there need to tap into this.
    Awesome way to start a new year!


  2. All things are working for my good…It is intentional! Yes! Changing the angle of my cup today!!!
    Thanks for this message #moving Forward with Yinka,. How can we book you for our yearly seminar in 2018? Would love you as one of our speakers.

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  3. My darl Yinka and BFF! Lol.
    No one knows the depth of the message you just created through that song, except one who has been there…Yeah, Travis needs to meet you in person and pay homage for bringing reality and poise into the lyrics of his song… You Nailed it Girl!!
    And your ring tone…lol ‘ You waited for me’
    So blessed I know you and value your gifting!
    Always and forever.

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  4. I love Travis Greene’s Intentional and Waited for me! So cool how you created a real life scenario out of his songs, totally connect with you and the message behind the song too.

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  5. Yinka!
    Okay, about time…
    Please take this to social media!
    Share it with the world, good articles like yours need a greater medium…think about it!
    I am blasting it now on my timeline for real!😋😋👍
    Looking forward to your upcoming conference in Michigan!

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  6. Hmmm…Yinka! Thanks for writing this. 100% truth? Its all about me and about time I get it together. I have my empty cup still waiting on people to fill it and I should not. Here’s my chance to change the angle of my cup, today.

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  7. Hey Msgansy!
    Applauding you all the way from Dubai with such admiration and glow of pride, showing off your article with the team, lol.
    This is, of course, well written, again, and exceptionally you. Seems like a deep conversation you would have with dramatic features you so gracefully carry with you.
    More of you to inspire us for a new year, with good intentions.

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  8. If I were Travis Greene, I’ll do a remix of the song featuring you reading excerpts from this work of art you so humbly call a blog. This is artistry at it’s finest. Intentionally crafted to connect in the simplest and purest form. Two Thumbs Up

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  9. Hello #Moving Forward with Yinka, I have always enjoyed reading your posts, and amazed at the depth of your messages and gifting. Have you considered writing a book or an editorial column page? Think about it sometime.

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  10. Anthonia, pls take this to socia media! We need more of truthful posts like this over there!!!
    Took forever to register wi th word press just to leave this message, arrhh@
    Anyways…love. love and love your heart and what pours from it.
    Intentionally filled and ready for the new year too!
    Beautiful and simple!

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  11. Hello Yinka! Great mind and reflection on emptiness and expectations and fill ups in our lives.
    With all the stress of Christmas celebration, am glad this article came in time, today was just when I needed it most in my life.
    Having lost my husband of 9 years to cancer last Christmas, nothing could have consoled me enough in seeing an other Christmas with you.
    The emptiness and void, the hall full cup, the wrong fillers…are in my mindset and just reading through the lines..I see myself and coming to reality the hole its created.
    I want to appreciate and thank you for this message, was this a revelation to your ministry?
    Your mind is blessed as the message your sharing is going far and deep and changing lives.
    I look forward to more of your outpour. Thank you and gave a beautiful day.

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  12. Hey Yinka, love, love your mind and your diction!
    You make literature feel like it’s a hobby to everyone lol.
    Intentionally filled for the new year? Oh Yes! All hands on deck for better things ahead, thanks for your positive vibes!

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  13. Yinka, why do I the message is for me? Lol.
    You surely know how to end your messages without making the reader feel helpless and hopeless.
    I am encouraged everytime I read your posts and glad you are touching others through your stories. Good job!

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  14. Thanks for sharing Anthonia, your post encourages me always, brings out the cowardice in me and reveals personal struggles I hide within.
    Merry Christmas from Belfast!
    Love you girl!

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