Accepting the “Shift in our Atmosphere”

camp-5When something exciting and unexpected jumps at us during one of those cloudy days of our lives, how do we manage the emotion?

Have you ever questioned or struggled with certain circumstances that sometimes come to you suddenly as a pleasant surprise, a shocking revelation or a hurdle of nerve-racking challenges or indecision? A test or a leap of faith?

So, the moment my father’s powder blue Volkswagen Beetle drove off the visitor’s parking lot of Rima house (my hostel), I knew one thing was certain that day! I-was-doomed!

1-     Maybe Mr. & Mrs. Gansallo were not my real parents after all (I was probably adopted or kidnapped as a baby)  or

2-     Maybe my mother, being the tough Up Bendel’ woman she claimed she was, was just at her best to frustrate me and drive me to my early grave! While my father, all dressed up in his favorite Cuban shirt was too terrified of showing his emotion in public, and of course, didn’t want his wife to nag him all the way back to Lagos, reminding him of how much He had spoiled me rotten!  Phew!camp-4

I was just 11 years old, and my parents had just dropped me off in the deepest forest, concentration-camp-like boarding school, about 400 kilometers away from home!

Who does that? How did I get here? Why do I have to travel far away for secondary schooling? All the way…to FGGC, Sagamu! Ogun state. Whatever happened to schools down the road from my house?

OMG! They really hated me! I thought to myself as I cried myself to sleep that night on my upper bunk bed, Ohhh, so even my pet name “Atupa Parlor” (the glowing lantern in a room) didn’t mean anything to them again. I-have-been-robbed-emotionally!! 😦

In my solitude and grief, I found comfort in the company of about 50% of my old classmates from primary school who were also dropped off by their parents, who had also driven back to Lagos, smiling happily and about to enjoy all the luxuries we were missing here at the boarding school.

It took me days to adjust to the tons of rules passed down by Madame Chaudhry, my bulbous Indian house mistress, the early morning bells, the sluggish and sleepy-eyed tweens and teenagers in fancy oversized nighties or awkward red-checked house wear, the long walk to the massive dining hall where breakfast is usually consumed as fast as it takes to say the grace, the mandatory early morning assembly gathering as our beautiful flawless light-skinned British-accent VP (Mrs. Odusote) begins her ‘oh-not-again speech!

‘Girls! Girls!’ ‘Wake up to your future” or “Oh dear! Bad Girls,  My heart bleeds for you…blah bla bla!camp-6

That’s the moment I always remember my parents actually did something great for my future. Yeah, dropping me off in the middle of nowhere to emerge a doer amidst the craziness behind those tall walls overnight. Such transformation! From that fragile, tiny over-pampered girl into a grab-the-horn and move-it woman! – all by the grace of God.

Today, here I am eagerly packing and sending my 10-year-old son off to his school’s 5th grade science club camp, deep into the woods and pure lakes of Michigan. Aha!

Here I am feeling my heartbeat double and triple as I merge into the season of change that’s launching God’s plan for my desire, reflecting on my own younger days away from home, diving into the grace to start well and end well, leaving the past behind and summoning on courage to continue the journey, of my main purpose of leaving home!’ but even this kido isn’t moved or sober or afraid of change. He’s elated! Oh Vinny! 😦

And am here freaking out and remembering the day I had to push all of him, 9lb+  out of me that early morning in April at Pennsylvania Hospital!

“Mom, wake up to your future! I will be just fine!camp-1

That was all I needed to hear to bounce back to reality. My VP’s piercing words of advice “Wake up to your future” That was my lesson and the booster I needed afterwards that made me travel another 1,000 kilometers away from home to attend college and even further and further as destiny calls…

If you are reading this and feel a kind of disconnection to your dreams or passion or niche for life, honestly ask yourself…‘Am I waking up to my future? or ‘living it in my dreams?’

You see, because you know you want something! You deserve that GOAL! You crave that PATH! ’It breathes and oozes your name in every aspect, it speaks your language and has your DNA of perfectionist spread all over it! But you aren’t really prepared for the pomp and pageantry that could come with it. That was my own personal excuse for years..

camp-7The crowd cheers you on, you’re like a super star in your little corner, a small fry in a broken pan…a small fish in a big lake, the bill board has your image space vacant, its waiting for you.. ‘but what’s holding you back? Are you also afraid of taking that bold step into your assigned destiny? Are you afraid of Change? The journey? Transition issues?

The carving process called change knocks us into a deep slumber of uncertainties…maybe, well maybe it isn’t time yet! Or maybe I will wait and wait…till the baby boomers launch your ideas in their retirement plan!

How do you manage change or adjustment or transition? Do you look at it as an avenue to finally launch your life’s purpose or could it be that you are God’s brewing subject in the making all the while? So happens that, NOW is just the right time and right place! You just never saw it coming. Did ya?

Or, have you ever gone through a period of discouragement or disappointment? because you tried once and it failed? Perhaps you’re in one right now. Believe me, I’ve been right there with you. Trust me, I’ve hidden in the cave with Elijah, under the gourd plant with Jonah, and finally sneaked into the desert with Moses. #FearOfMovingForward

Our fear and discouragement of accepting a change comes when there is a gap between what we always expect and what we eventually experience, like when there is a gap between what we hoped would happen and what actually does happen. #GreatExpectations

Believe me, our blessings is hanging in the atmosphere. It’s the move or shift we ignore everyday.

garlicAre we aware that there are people God places in our path for an eternal purpose? The beauty salon or barber shop stylist you patronize needs to see God’s love in your smile.

That unplanned stop where you run into an old friend who needs encouragement is really an opportunity sent by God.

You get a text or email from an unwanted friend and ignore the burden of a lonely soul, Does she/he need to know that you care … so she can know God cares?

Where are we looking? Behind us? At things of the past that make us cringe in fear for the future we don’t know, are we still reveling in the glory of a past long gone? Let’s look for God in our circumstances … in the people we meet … in the unwelcome intrusion of a neighbor … in the infuriating behavior of a co-worker or the exasperating antics of a teenager.

camp-9‘Moving forward, onward or along is an acceptable shift for our atmosphere.

Rooted to the same circle of confusion is a deadly disease we take for granted, because it’s a safe prescription and a very cheap one to manage. ‘We are what we MOVE.’ – Yinka.

If you are meeting resistance in your hopes and dreams, then you’re most likely on the right track. Because the devil wouldn’t mess with you if you weren’t a menace to his plans and a valuable asset to God. #Goals

Today, I am hoping someone will wake up to their future plans by turning their dreams into reality. By turning uncertainty into sureness. Take the risk and make it happen, surprise your dreams by dragging it into the future.

I am hoping that someone will eventually let go of debilitating discouragement, procrastination, fear of change or just plain old-fashioned waiting on someone for a move first, and take hold of their next shift! Change is the only constant.

I know I just did by moving forward into my next assignment in life, and still in AWE of God’s goodness.

In my conversation with God and my daily journal, I’ve had to pinch myself back to reality saying “No human could have done this for me, But God did!  All because of His mercy and compassion, overlooking my craziness, errs and mishaps, He picked me out to be moved and used for his glory! and is still moving me forward”. #Praises

**Thanks again to everyone who made my transition easy! Wow! ‘am still beaming with love and affection for the book I received during the ‘love-filled see-you soon send off dinner’ ‘I appreciate it.

“It would be all so easy if you had a map to the Maze.

If the same old routines worked.

If they’d just stop moving “The Cheese.”

But things keep changing.

-Spencer Johnson, M.D.  “Who Moved My Cheese?

Yours in HOPE as I share Jason Nelson’s ‘Shifting The Atmosphere”




50 thoughts on “Accepting the “Shift in our Atmosphere”

  1. Have I told you that you are truly gifted in your ways of expression? You take. Stories from your past, take us there with you in time, make us re live the season and then snap us back to reality to wake up and choose life instead!
    Its like God has position you for different task to connect with people who will eventually xross your path in life..
    Awesome delivery, Yinka. I am indeed touched by your words and sooooo glad to be your friend, for life!
    Love you unconditional! And can’t wait for your book #unconditional.

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  2. Are you on Facebook? Would love, love to share this on Facebook with my family and friends.
    I am definitely subscribing for more of your writing.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Certainly a blog on life’s issues i will be following. I enjoyed the message behind the article, it speaks volume and teaches moral.


  4. Awww, don’t let me jump on the next flight to Detroit:(
    I will be good and wait till Christmas! Lol!
    This was written for ME!
    Thanks Yinka.
    Love you more Sis.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Like God, our future, is always hiding in the face of our fears…you shot at the bull’s eye Yinka! A well informed thought from a deep experience. I enjoyed this. And you have never disappointed my judgment…you keep making me feel I was never wrong about my enduring thought towards you. May you continue to find more revealing graces in the sight of God.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Moving forward with Yinka! Excellent piece of thought awakening write up. This is one of those messages you read and digest and then its so refreshing that guilt or awareness kicks in.
    I listened to you around this time last year when you aired on the late night show at WAZOBIA FM with Kbabalovedoctor and was really interested in your dialogue with callers.
    We are all looking forward to more of your genuine, pure and straight from the heart stories, things everyone can relate to.
    Keep it up.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Back turned against the wall, phone in hand and blog on screen.I read, scroll, read, scroll, read and finally nothing left to scroll. I smile, turn around and face the wall, walk around it to the other side and say “Hello Future, I’m here. Now”.

    I read, I moved, I spoke and I’m thankful to you for first writing for us to read. Two thumbs up

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Thanks for the words of wisdom, I’m deeply encouraged and inspired to turn the next chapter of gaining greater heights. Taking the first of many steps to open the door without the ever present “Fear of What if”

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Hi trust you are well… wow what an article so timely……something has shifted in my life and I have been hearing shift shift all the time I think it’s about time… also writing a book on shift hhhmmmm guess we are in the spirit.

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  10. What a write up. We are both inspire by our late occurrences to move forward and to adapt to any challenges of change.

    Vino will be fine just like when we were both dropped off in Aboneema and Shagamu.

    Stay blessed.

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  11. Am not sure if you are a preacher or in ministry, but this piece is one of the best article I’ve come across relating to how we accept and encourage others to make efforts to do something great with their lives. Very inspiring.

    We are who we Move! Is indeed a powerful title to address and one that should pick our conscience for years to come if we make the wrong choices.

    We need more direct stories like yours to help others deal with overwhelming challenges and also to move on to God’s plan for their lives.

    Searched for you on YouTube and Facebook, not sure you have a platform there? Would you also think about podcasting? Excellent delivery for your powerful messages.
    Keep it up.

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  12. Hello Anthonia,
    Goodness! Such incredible and inspiring write up.
    So, last night at the women’s conference, I was actually sitting next to a star! Lol
    When you called out to give your testimony, the huge hall was silent, because everyone in there could relate to your story, your past and the changes you had mentioned transitioning.
    Welcome home again! So glad our paths crossed and so glad you are also a,writer just like me.
    Our journey through life has made us silent story tellers, our past and the tragedies that defines our stories has made us sisters in Christ!
    Novi is happy to have you, I am happy God has sent my soul sister to me.
    In service,

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  13. Hey Yinka!
    I am still counting down and waiting for you to launch your long awaited book!
    Please release it now? Lol.
    Awesome and beautiful piece of write up, straight from the heart.
    And yes, I made the move as advised and enjoying every bit of it. Thank God for good and sincere friends like you.
    You always rock!
    God bless you for me, big Sister.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. We all have experienced difficulty in adjusting or making a move towards our desire for change in life.
    Many times our setbacks is always our driving force or our lifetime restrictions.
    I like your mode of writing. Are you available for speaking conferences or small group coaching?

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  15. Antonia, very beautiful write up! Wow, girl! U can scribble some deep mind blowing revelations!!
    You only said ‘I sometimes write’ but I think you are a great orator.
    You inspire and uplift people with your experiences, your trials, your crosses! With all sincerity and pureness. You are genuinely gifted!
    Am I glad to know you? Sure! Thankful to God for bringing you our way and what He will be doing in your life for our women’s ministry in Novi! Absolutely excited!!
    Common on board Sis! We are excited and blessed to have you amongst us.
    Welcome Home with love!
    Sue, Devby and Anastasia.
    Novi, Michigan.

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  16. Miss Gansy!
    My only BFf from Command Victoria Island days!!
    And of cos Sagamu days and until you followed me to uniport..lo!
    You remember madame chawdry? Omg!! Lol.
    Beautiful write up, you are always relevant and direct to the points in your memories.
    So glad we finally got back together after all those years..
    Change is certainly the only way to move forward.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. It was worth the read, you are certainly a gifted writer. You wrote straight from your heart, bringing us from the past to the present with such warmth and sincerity.
    Keep it up.

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  18. The Future?. … always scary but I’ve learned to thrust all my apprehensions on the Saviour and let Him help me with finding the new equilibriums. The payoff is always better than I could have done myself. Great piece thanks for sharing

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