A Beautiful Inside Out Experience! Awe inspiring and edifying moments at the 2015 Total Woman Conference.


Have you ever witnessed the power of God move so graciously within you during the impartation of a message? You are listening to a speaker for the very first time, but yet it feels like the message was specially designed for you! Hmmm.

Have you ever encountered the power of a group of women, all coming together to pray for each other, without reservations, boundaries or status! Just straight-up passionate about the emotional wellbeing of each and every woman represented, celebrating and elevating each other.


On Saturday, April 25th 2015 – there couldn’t have been any other place more appropriate for me to be than with over 120 women seeking the beauty and power of sisterhood in Christ!









The speakers and workshops were specifically “Tailored to meet every woman’s needs! Intended to arouse their senses! Wake them up from any deep and un-productive slumber and choose life! Create hope in time of hopelessness! Re-define the sense of purpose! Call out and confirm it is okay to ask for Help when you need it, when you are overwhelmed with life itself!

Convinces you that you are a Beautiful Woman and not to think your beauty is average or wait on a man to compliment you or wait on external adornment, but from inside by loving yourself first!

Allows you to stand firm in your faith and still Be Bold and Beautiful no matter the challenges you have! Gives you a reason to believe you can serve more in God’s house by answering Here I am, Use me! Comforts you through biblical counselling and healing by helping you turn your abusive Ashes into Beauty!

Sets up a spreadsheet to help you balance your Beauty and Finance! Explains to you in clear everyday terms that “Sisterhood deeds should uplift and not upset our mindset! And finally that there’s a CAUSE for every undertaking we put before our destinies!

Wow! What an awesome weekend! One I shall always live to remember and pass on to the generation after me! Who knows? ‘Amidst all the planning and preparation, a single soul that wandered away has joyfully returned to God! Just because a bevy of beautiful souls were so determined to make a change in their generation!



So, as I have been rewarded with the most amazing committee members under the leadership of my Pastor; As I have been so blessed by all the speakers; As I have been so impacted by the ministration; I pray that the divine visitation of the Holy Spirit that came upon every woman present (as they supernaturally pushed out their overdue agony, pain and grief) will continually strengthen and sustain us all.

The Countdown begins now for the 2016 TOTAL WOMAN CONFERENCE!! Be Expectant… 

Yours in HOPE,

Yinka Lawrence.


9 thoughts on “A Beautiful Inside Out Experience! Awe inspiring and edifying moments at the 2015 Total Woman Conference.

  1. Very well said! Looking at the pictures and reading your article. ..sooo mad I missed it! lol.
    I shall definitely not miss the next one!
    UK or UAE wherever am scheduled to be, just alert me in advance, I shall not miss it sis! Lol.

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  2. Yinka, this is truly a deep and mind blowing write up! You have captured the whole event through the eyes of an observer yet still involved in every way.
    I am so proud of you and waiting for bigger things to come. .
    Counting down with you. .
    Love you more Sis!

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  3. Your mind… your talent… we should see you on the nyt bs list in a little while. Don’t take it for granted sis.
    I’ll buy; I’ll read; I’ll sell! Just saying in advance

    And oh the conference; I’m not a lady but the picture you just painted with words looks really beautiful.

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  4. Powerful, captivating, emotional!
    Thank God I was part of this, I left feeling whole and beautiful all over.
    Every message was for me, wonderful experience. Thanking God for This program And the organizers and the speakers. I will definitely return next year, by God’s grace. 😚

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  5. Awesome experience!!!! Counting down for the
    Total woman Conference 2016 ✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿. Ladies, let’s support this movement prayerfully and Financially.

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