Fifty Shades of… Love? Romance? or Lust?

grey 2 There’s a great uproar over the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, some say it glorifies sexual violence against women. Some say it is like watching Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke in their 1986 erotic romantic drama film: 9½ Weeks! While others believe it’s simply another overrated exotic romance story seductively crafted in an activated-freak-mode! Whatever way its address…it is still all about the explosive part of sex-on-steroids. Period!

The movie hits theaters on Valentine’s Day and promoters are positioning the story of an abusive boyfriend as a romantic story. I’ve been seeing plenty of campaigns launched against this movie. Thousands and thousands of churches across the nation are still campaigning against this movie, but I wonder what that campaign did for the cause of an individual’s belief? Hmmm.

But really, haven’t we always been submerged in an X-rated culture where ’Sexual Corruption” has penetrated to the highest levels?

Aha! Am wondering… should we be possessed by the cause of our faith? or ’what if the same energy, focus and funding that we put into a campaign against such movies were redirected towards funding ministries that moved in healing, setting people free or empowering them to dismantle the works of darkness? What if we redirected our energies from fighting a worldly movie to fighting for the people of God to experience the freedom, love and relationship with Him?

What if we channel our sense of radicalism into disturbing issues of sexual immorality and compromise in the church, Instead of being disturbed by the act of Fifty Shades of Grey? What if, I am finally able to sleep well through the night knowing that I will not be burdened or disturbed by the thought of darkness that my fellow pew members still struggle and fight in their lifetime relationships, committing suicide and getting divorces?

What if I’m still mad that people are still tormented and harassed by an enemy put under their feet just because the church doesn’t cry out for the power of God? Which makes me tremble when I know the high price paid for provision, healing and freedom that most of us don’t experience because of corruption in our own little ranks.

Really, maybe the movie is all about silly emotions combined into a make-believe outrageous sexual acts! Honestly, I don’t even plan to see the movie, I am well equipped from the little chapters I’d stumbled across years ago, but I know there’s going to be a great debate on it, especially within my teenage shelter family! I’m not going to judge or condemn them. Rather, I will learn from their perspectives and hopefully re-direct their passion. I have a bigger fight on my hands that I’ve given my life to, which is to ‘Revive the hearts in pursuit of doing extra-ordinary things!

So, if you’re one of the thousands, upset about this movie, I challenge you as an act of protest, donate to ministries that work with women such as “The Mordecai Project” that rescues abused women or “Project Lydia” that provides opportunities for abandoned widows and orphans. Connect with PHMC’s “Plain Talk” that educates teens/adolescents on how to reduce pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Be an advocate for promoting abstinence among young girls, mentor young men to embrace inner beauty in ladies and not view them as sex toys, coach abandoned women in search of love again, be that counselor or sex therapist your church community needs to inspire and put the flame back into dead marriages or relationship. Create your own uncountable colors or shades of positiveness by igniting that fire!

Yours in HOPE!


15 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of… Love? Romance? or Lust?

  1. Super on point!
    Read the book sometimes ago, not sure if I had more fantasy with my 20 years marriage or hated my spouse more for not ever thinking out of the box like Mr. GREY! LOL.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing. .bottom line. .it could corrupt the mindset!
    Love you girl!

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  2. Lovely! Yinka thanks for discussing this.
    Still battling with allowing my girls read it.
    Don’t care if they are college age, it’s just so un settling for me personally.
    Thanks again.

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