Why we need to burn some Bridges and target our slingshots!

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A young handsome teenager stepped into the valley of fear. The youngest in a family of eight boys, simply could not believe his eyes. Tossing the giant’s threats and obvious advantage aside, He refused to accept what he saw. Instead, he chose to believe what he knew in his heart.

As the sun inched its way over the mountains that morning, neither Goliath nor the Israelites had any idea just how different the day would be. A cloud of terror hung over the Valley of Elah as snarling threats and vile promises spewed from his mouth. The intimidator strutted along grassy slopes, swinging an enormous club, his mammoth, ironclad feet pawing the ground like an irate bull, ready to attack.

With simple but certain faith and unreserved confidence in God, David stepped through the fear, ushering in the mighty presence and unparalleled power of God. Goliath met David that day. Hmmm, he mumbled to himself ‘This giant was going down! And the giant fell!

To burn “bridges” we simply need to learn how to embrace and accept positive changes in our lives! We have heard the saying to always be careful because we never want to burn bridges with anyone and while this does have some truth to it, sometimes we get so caught up in not burning bridges that we forget to ever cross over to the other side.

So, do you ever feel like you are repeating one day of your life over and over and can’t seem to find the right door to exit to open to something new? You wake up every morning and eat the same breakfast, go to the same job, with the same people, eat the same lunch and dinner, go to the same gym, get home and watch your same favorite show, go to bed and wake up to do it again the next day.

Maybe you experience the same thing in your marriages, friendships and relationships, it is the same fight and the same recurring problem over and over and there never seems to be a break through…you have hit a plateau in life and have no idea how to break it.

We are so willing to let go of the soda, the candy, and the lazy days, to get the body we want, but yet we are so stubborn to let go of the mediocre relationships, jobs and locations that no longer serve us to get the life we want.

We are too afraid to burn that bridge because once that bridge is burnt we no longer can cross back over to the other side.

We hold onto past love in hopes that one day they’ll wake up and see what we are worth, we hope that one day our boss will finally see our value instead of treating us like crap and give us that promotion.

The problem with this is when we wait and hold on to all these other things that no longer serve or help us towards the life that we want, we are giving away our power and destiny to things outside of us.

Unlike that cute teenager with his slingshot, I guessed he burned down that bridge by just a bold step! While we are still scared to let go because somewhere deep inside we are afraid that we may not get what we deeply desire and we keep all our bridges connected and sturdy to these attachments just in case we fail we can crawl back at least to our mediocre life.

It’s like you want to swim and refusing to jump off the edge of the pool. You cannot move towards the directions of your dreams while still holding on to those things that you don’t want as well. It doesn’t work that way. Life rewards those who take great leaps of faith and trust the process more than they fear.

Maybe it is time for you to burn that bridge that is holding you back from what you really want. Once the bridge is burnt, there is no going back. Yes, it can be scary and push you further outside your comfort zone than you ever cared to be, but it can also lead you to your dreams and desires. You already know what life is like on this side…so why not let go and break the plateau to find out what awaits you on the other?

In life there’s some stuff that needs to be cut off and some ends that need to be tied up for good. If you believe in fate, you understand that everything happens for a reason and sometimes you just need to move forward and never look back. Too many people cling to the past instead of marching towards the future. Anything worth achieving means making sacrifices. If that means permanently closing some doors, so be it.

For someone reading this, the good news is that what lies ahead is no surprise to God. In fact, He has already been where He is asking us to go. That reason alone empowers us to face every tomorrow with hope, knowing that whatever touches us must pass through His hands, with His permission.

It is not God’s plan for us to dwell in fear or to let fear rule our lives. He has already set in motion the defeat and fall of every giant we will ever face. Our responsibility is to step through our fear, facing every giant in God’s power and with His promises firmly planted in our hearts and minds. The Holy Spirit will guide the path of His truth to its destined mark, taking down the giants lurking in every shadow.

Yours in HOPE as I share one of my favorite songs by Rebecca Ferguson and John Legend.



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