When “Hurt is Heavy” the co-carrier feels the weight too!

palmI met one of the most impressive and amiable person in 1998. I’d just relocated from Maryland, moved into a new apartment in Philadelphia with my husband, close to the Art museum. We had two other Temple University students as co-tenants, except for one, who lived in the front studio. He seldom comes out of his room, but sings and plays the piano with such excellence you’d thought we were neighbors with the gifted singer, Steve Wonder!

One time I heard him play…‘Overjoyed’ I have been building my castle of love! and another time, heard captivating Afro beats, rhythms likened to Fela’s soundtracks coming from his room. Inquisitively and nosily, I’d knocked on his door and was surprised to meet an elderly man with such southern warmth, ‘I’m his father” he’d mentioned with a questioning look, but the man behind the piano told his father It was okay to let me in. “She’s my new neighbor” he stated.

I’d walked into that spacious beautifully decorated studio with my husband… and that was how a mutual “feel-free-to-hang-out-with-me-relationship started between us and the one and only multi-talented Leon Evans, a gifted choreographer, composer, singer-musician, educator and actor who has appeared on stages from Broad Street to Broadway to overseas, but at that moment was in a very challenging period of his life..

August 1998 he died after a prolonged illness. Evans, who sang and arranged vocals for his company, Tru-Le-Hype, also originated and founded Eleone, the Leon Evans Dance Theatre. Eleone, best known for the “Carols in Color” holiday show, has been performing for 15 years. A great companionship gone too soon. My heart bled.

So, just recently I had a painful phone conversation with a girlfriend. She was heavy with hurt. Spiritually helpless by circumstances. Her faith has been greatly challenged and weakened. It broke my heart. I wanted to reach through the phone line and hug her but, of course, I couldn’t.  So I listened, reminded her of God’s love for her, and prayed. And also, shared Leon’s story with her, to encourage her.

But really, why do we feel the pain of others when they are bruised, grazed or scarred? “Because we care..

Today, everyone is desperate for a miracle. Today, someone reading this is feeling overwhelmed or confused. Discouraged by the complicated challenges you face? Perhaps you have a friend who is nursing emotional wounds. There are so many hurting hearts. So many burdens being carried by souls weary of the task. So many people desperate for a miracle from God. Desperate for healing and hope.

What is that burden affecting you or someone you love? Maybe you bear the pain of a broken marriage, broken dreams, or a broken body. If you are desperate for healing, help, and hope, ask the Lord to increase your faith today, and make a determined choice to trust Him. When you do, He will meet your needs and carry the load of your burdens for you.

He lovingly points us to Hope. When we fall before Him in prayer, He will sustain and strengthen us, not when we try to handle things in our own strength, we remain weak and ineffective. Desperate times call for a desperate faith. Faith is the core of our lives. Let’s move forward and turn all our hurts to God.


15 thoughts on “When “Hurt is Heavy” the co-carrier feels the weight too!

  1. I’m truly sorry to know that Leon Evans is gone and yes it was too soon. I’m just finding out tonight about his death and yes he was a wonderful person with a wonderful personality. May you R.I.P my brother and classmate I was in Florida taking care of my grandmother so I didn’t know at all. I am truly proud of him and I love you Leon. Love Pammie


  2. Wow. Great memories! Great write up about a wonderful person gone too soon.
    There’s also an article about the great Leon on The Dance Enthusiast – Philadelphia, featuring Eleone Dance Theater about Carols in Color.


  3. This is a very good post Yinka. Yes we are all in need of a miracle from God and all hoping for a turn around in our lives. His grace will forever see us through it. I like.


  4. This message is for me.Thanks for sharing Yinka. I am connected to this post and so glad it came in at the time I needed it. God bless you.


  5. Time knows no fate
    And fate knows no time
    They both move at a speed of light
    But sometimes they sail like a wind

    A billion light years of time will soon colide with fate
    Fate alone without time isn’t destiny
    Neither is time alone without fate is destiny

    A product of time and fate may at times be fruitful
    And yet again misery and painful along it produces

    In its quest for the unknown time collides with fate
    Like a big bung theory they produce super novas of destiny


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