Ashley (left) and Jena

Ashley (left) and Jena

A year ago today, I lost my older sister Jena. At the young age of 29, breast cancer took her life. There are no words to describe the emotions that arise when a disease shatters your loved one’s reality with no explanation. But Jena taught me so much through her determination and courage during her fight against breast cancer.

Jena showed me – and so many others – that even in the midst of hardship and suffering there is still potential to witness generosity and compassion. She allowed me to recognize that real change can happen by one person deciding to lend support in any way that they can; because even a small act of kindness has the ability to generate an incredible feeling of hope.

Inspired by Jena’s example I found comfort, healing, and empowerment by making a recurring monthly donation in her memory to Komen Philadelphia. By continuing my sister’s legacy in this way, I know that I am allowing her story to motivate action and aid survival in the fight against breast cancer.

Please join me by giving now to help bring more hope to families touched by breast cancer.

Remember, you do have the power to make an impact! On behalf of Komen Philadelphia, my sister, Jena, and for all women and men who will find hope in your kindness, I thank you.

With sincere gratitude,

Ashley Furlong

Written for #Moving Forward With Yinka

4 thoughts on “Sharing…

  1. So sorry for your loss Ashley! but more importantly, I’m thankful for the strength and courage it took to share your experience. It is my sincere prayers that there will be hope for perfect cure anytime soon. We need out ladies alive to fulfill their dreams.


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