Controlling Our Enthusiasm: Part 1

How do you manage your – Eagerness, Frenzy, Joy, Passion, Zeal, Craze, Glow,
Keenness and the way I fondly address it with my kids….My Oomph! My energy for life!
What Curbs Your Enthusiasm? ‘Your keen Interest? ‘Your Excitement and Passion for a Task?

Enthusiasm is the natural outgrowth of all your efforts toward success. What is important is that you now recognize that every appropriate move you make is building your enthusiasm as well.

Enthusiasm Changes Lives: it is the fuel that drives things forward, a way to control our mind. The same control can be used on our enthusiasm, so that it is continually fed into the cylinders of your mental engine, where it is ignited by the spark of our definite purpose and explodes, pushing the pistons of applied faith and personal initiative. Enthusiasm is power. With faith, it can transform adversity, failure, and temporary defeat into action.

Our mindset is Transmutation. It depends on the control of our thoughts, for they can just as easily be expressed negatively as positively. By controlling our enthusiasm, we can change any negative expressions and experiences into positive ones.

When your enthusiasm runs high, make a note of it in a notebook. Write down the circumstances that inspired you and the manifestations of that enthusiasm. Were you spurred to action? Did you solve a problem? Did you persuade someone of something? Also, keep a written copy of your definite major purpose and your plan for it inside your notebook. Then, whenever your enthusiasm is ebbing, pick up your valuable book. Not only will it remind you of the reason you should be enthusiastic, but it will also review for you the benefits of that enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is a spiral, turning inward or outward, rising or falling. To give your enthusiasm a push in the right direction, refer to your notebook when the spiral is collapsing in on itself.

Wow! What power enthusiasm has! Especially when we are able to help others around us! What fulfillment and accomplishment we receive! That power is released to support definiteness of purpose and is constantly renewed by faith. It becomes an irresistible force for which temporary defeat and failure are no match. You can communicate that power to anyone who needs it. This is probably the greatest work you can do with your enthusiasm. Excite the imaginations of others; inspire their creative vision; help them connect with Infinite Intelligence.

I hope someone reading this will grasp their dreams and twist the world’s agenda to fit their passion and share their enthusiasm. It’s infectious. Boredom is a killer, but the world will buy joy gladly. But, because you’ve got IT! Why not encourage someone who doesn’t have what it takes to build-up hope today – share your gift of Positive Influence!

May God help us all!


9 thoughts on “Controlling Our Enthusiasm: Part 1

  1. My partner and I absolutely love your blog and find most of your post’s to be just what I’m looking for. Does one offer guest writers to write content available for you? I wouldn’t mind publishing a post or elaborating on some of the subjects you write regarding here. Again, awesome website!


  2. Run far, run wide for some alone time!

    Yes, God speaks through other people but he also needs space to be heard when he is speaking directly to you.

    Constant dealings with other people, be it husbands, kids, coworkers, our parents or church members, not to mention their demands, expectations and agenda is on your you – ness and can sometimes make it difficult to distinguish what you really feel and think from what has been dumped into your subconscious.

    Find some daily alone time to clear and De – clutter your mind, even if it is only for 20 mins.

    The solitude itself is restorative and the revelation that comes from it is affirming.

    It re charges your focus and ignites your creative abilities.

    Written By Miggie Ediae: for #Moving Forward with Yinka.


  3. I believe all that is left is for me to pick up this NOTEBOOK ‘we’ve” been talking about and put it to use, not just writing but also reviewing especially when the enthusiasm seems to be fading. Keep on inspiring and empowering.

    God’s Peace



  4. Your enthusiasm rolls off the surface of this inspiringly beautiful piece. You weave a pointedly poignant commentary where many others spin nothing but toxic, lackluster attention-grabbing yarns. In this world of mindless regurgitations and brazen plagiarisms, the originality of your seminal pieces whets the appetite, and your words are cerebral and engaging; your writing, subtly explosive. My money is on you to garner a huge global following and connect to a bevy of web denizens who would eagerly drink up the wisdom your mind exudes.

    Go get them, tigress!


    • Well said! Ah, your words reminds me of an article I read sometime ago about The Young Winston Churchill: It says: He was a profound underachiever in academics. This is interesting, because in many ways he was a genius; for instance, as an adult he could quote verbatim whole pages of material he had read 50 years previously. Even as a youth, he was able to memorize a ten thousand-stanza poem.

      Really, we all only get enthusiastic about our own agendas. Once Churchill was free to write, speak and act upon what he did, know and had a passion for, he went non-stop for the rest of his life. But when he was forced to respond to what others imposed, he was lackluster.

      Some people are blessed with natural enthusiasm, while others must acquire it-which fortunately is a relatively simple process. but no one can stop you from determining in your own mind what your Definite Chief Aim in life will be. No one can stop you from planning ways and means for translating this aim into reality. Nor can anyone stop you from mixing enthusiasm with your plans. Even when we get excited about something we plan to do, we still need to seek God’s face for favor and directions. Thanks Bros! On my way to get them – well, positively to inspire! LOL!


  5. I hope the value of the words you put out there every week means a lot to you. They mean a lot to people, they make a difference. You’ll never know the impact of the “something” you’re doing by blogging. You’ll never know because we’ll never tell it all even if we tried. But it’s a good thing, blog on… bless on. I like

    You don’t blog because you’re a writer, you write because you’ve got blood. You’ve bled; I bet you’ve had scars too. That makes you human; makes us feel like you feel us

    This is not motivational writing or preaching, it’s like a diary… that motivates.

    All I wanted to say was 1; I like. 2; don’t stop.


    • Henry, thanks for the warm compliment! And yes, ‘as long as the essence of life and well-being is upon me – I will continue to write. So, either physically or emotionally, we’ve all scared, and the take back from that should be our Enthusiasm to move forward to do better from whatever err – The outpour of our energy for life is the vital force with which we need to recharge our mindset and develop a dynamic personality for others to see and feel us, and most especially connect to us. Absolutely nothing should be allowed to “curb” your desire to make it well in life especially when you’ve set your goals. You can do it, ‘moving forward with you!


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