Turning our Mess into a Message: Are you a Messenger?

Ever watched a group of children play in a mud, all smiling and carefree about the debris or the stains – they are pleasantly intrigued, absorbed and captivated by the texture of the mud, through their little eyes nature is certainly a sensory element to reckon with. Their definition of mess: Total Innocent Bliss!

The problem is that for us Adults, Our “Mess” a lot of times is actually something we never want to acknowledge, discuss or even resolve. It could be our shambles from the past, an addiction, litter, disorder or clutter.

I told a close friend recently that I feel like a spinning top, all wobbly and going in circles. So much writing to do within a very limited time: my mess, she says was simply “time management”. The problem is not that my life is messy; Maybe It’s my calendar of events! But at that time of confusion, I needed a second mind, and I got the message! To reminisce, slow down, focus and keep writing!

A lot of us don’t realize that whatever err, mess, mistake, stray, blunder we’ve made in the past, automatically gives us a story of redemption and restitution.
It gives us a message of triumphant victory. We are now capable of helping others address their mess through our own victorious message when we relate our experiences to someone who’s going through similar issues.

It is not in our place to scold or castigate the ‘messer” or likewise ourselves: to dwell on it, beat ourselves up and wallow in self-pity. Our message after our mess should be a glimmer of HOPE and POWER, a guideline of survivalship, a bowl of warm soup carefully prepared with foresights for happy consumptions.

Our Message after a Mess should be an uproar of acquired sentiments of freedom from whatever it was that we’ve been struggling with or that’s been binding us.

So, YES – we are all eligible to be “Messengers”. To be a coach, guide, instructor, teacher, counselor – without any need for academic qualities – because we have the message right inside our hearts. We could be crushed or bruised, We stagger, stumble and sway in our mess. But then, we rise, come out of it – and we’re given a message to talk about it – So God can be glorified in our lives.

I know I am a messenger! Are you? So how do you relate to all the people in your life and all around you? Do they feel uplifted by coming in contact with you? What legacy are you creating?

Today, through your Mess, create a Message, and be a positive Messenger.

May God help us all.

**Thanks Gregg!