The bargaining power of Control & Command! ‘At What Cost?

enduranceThere’s a task at hand. Your inner mind is the workshop. The tools needed for the job is priceless and never for sale at the local store, You have the map and detour rules stamped in your heart, because your talent is raw and in-built, accomplishing it is simply a piece of cake, why? Because it is your gifting, it is that wow factor that defines you! Not your juicy past or what people say or think about you, but God’s mark of un-common favor, uniqueness and exceptional beauty bestowed upon you. It is a glaring revelation! You have what it takes!

If you are thinking like me, I love good bargains. I love the feel and command of bargaining power either at the fabric aisle or beads aisle in NY. It’s an open market where everyone is allowed to boast and brag about their bargaining power. The best part of this bargain is that, you are allowed to walk away either way. With or without a smile, all depending on your bargaining power to control and command the cost of an item! Period!

So, for us folks in the pews “the reverse” is the case. What does it cost us to outdo each other? Have we ever taken a leap of faith to display our inner beauty? ‘Having the mindset of fulfilling God’s mission to empower and inspire those around us with our talent? ‘thinking like a servant rather than a leader? ‘Transparency in our “good deeds” without hidden agenda? Not looking at purchasing titles and cheap recognition because we crave it? ‘Diligently and humbly carrying those with burdensome insecurity through? Have you ever been in a situation where your God-given talent is considered a threat? Intimidation and competition setting in! ‘Do we bargain for competition instead of cooperation?

Competition is a way of life all over the world. It is has no place in the house of God. It is the fuel that keeps jealousy and hatred burning. It associates rivalry, contest and opposition. It connects striving for the same object against another person. Like-mindedness is union-based! —it is the attitude of cooperation we all need. Is that not the way a Christian should follow? ‘Not only is the act of competing wrong, but the actual attitude of competition and flexing of power is baffling. The attitude of competition is totally condemned by God.

‘Hoping someone will cultivate the attitude of humility and cooperation, to stop trying to win people over by putting others down with their sweet coated holier-than-thou attitude speech, thus proving superiority over them. Will it produce mediocrity? I doubt it! In actual fact, it leads to achieving excellence, and helping others to do so as well. But what do I know about attitude bargaining? I am just an ordinary expressionist moving forward in life!

May God Help Us All!