Prescription for a healthy 2015…’let’s tackle our deficiencies.

step up

Happy New Year everyone! It’s the year “two-thousand-and-fifteen” and this is the season to “Step up Our Game for Better Days” in every area of our lives that requires adjustment.

Our deficiency is usually our imperfection, inadequacy, shortage or a glitch in our lifeline. People around us see it as a defect, insufficiency or lack. While the only prescription or remedy is replacement therapy. That could come in the form of (de-clutterring, vitamin, detox, self-appraisal, repentance or deliverance)

Exactly this time last year, by God’s divine appointment a short procedure I’d scheduled almost 4 months ahead was cancelled. I was prepped and theatre-ready, and then it was cancelled! Strange! right? I know…

Unbelievably furious and agitated was I…but eventually was consoled and re-assured that the purpose behind the cancellation was because “It wasn’t intended to be” Hmmm. Come to find out after series of blood work what I needed to do was to “Fix the Deficiency”.

The prescription for my deficiency had always been available right under my nose! Who knew!

It was like telling a child… ‘Common drink up all your milk, and you will be as strong as superman” aha! I wish someone had told me that earlier, I would have religiously gulped down all the vitamins in sight!

So, I know we’re all still somehow in the process of settling down, making new year goals, assembling new year ladders, swiping off remnants of last years ‘errands and carrying some uncompleted tasks over, but really…has anyone thought about actually discussing their personal deficiency? those we are usually not aware of (unless it’s detected).

Since there are better days ahead of us in this new year, let’s choose a healthy-mind set approach to life, lets learn to balance our staggering acts, lets up-root any un-profitable vines and look into a future of newness and wholeness around us. May we all receive divine inspiration to Move Forward in Life…  

**sharing with you one of my favorite songs “Better Days” by Dianne Reeves. See below. Enjoy!

With Love…





2 thoughts on “Prescription for a healthy 2015…’let’s tackle our deficiencies.

  1. Beautiful article Yinka.
    This is so down to earth and lovely.
    Your beauty for expression radiates from inside and comes out so pure.
    ‘Love it!
    Love you girl!


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