‘A moment in the mind of a Child!

mind child 1The mind of a child is unparalleled. Their consciousness is animated yet exceptional, pure and unique. It consistently bursts and bubbles with imagination and fearlessness. They do not see boundaries, only possibilities. Have you ever tried to tickle, excite, amuse or enchant a child’s creativity? Aha! What you get in return is a whiz kid!

  • Sometime ago while visiting an aquatic fun center in Maryland with close friends and family, I couldn’t help but join in a serious conversation the children were having. Their ages ranging from ‘awesome 3 to intellectual 13. Whatever that topic was, it was definitely an eye opener. It changed my viewpoint about their mindset
  • Far away in Disney Hollywood Studio, about 600+ children and parents waited patiently on a long line outside the FROZEN summer fun show theatre, intense heat on our backs, sweat pouring profusely, but who cares! The children’s enthusiasm on seeing the cast of Frozen melted the grinding heat and turned our expectancy into an excitement camping
  • During a dance recital for the children, I couldn’t but help notice the uproar of excitement when the theme song was changed to Arianna Grande’s “One less problem”. Hmmm, my curiosity wasn’t let loose until I got the full story behind the young artist, from the mouth of the children

Their aquatic conversation was, “What Would You Do, If Jesus walks into this room? It was an objective question, because they also offered 2 options (1) PRAY or (2) CELEBRATE. With affirmation and confidence the eldest uttered “Aunty, I will celebrate, and I have my reasons. He cleared his throat and started in a melodramatic gesture, “If Jesus walks into this room right now, I will jubilate, celebrate and will rejoice in His second coming! ‘Because, I have been praying all my life for his coming, and He’s here, not next door, not back door, not a street away – but here, He picked me! So, it’s party time to celebrate him” the younger ones around him all got excited too, agreed to his selection, decided on a large pizza and started jubilating in unison.

Oh Boy! Astonishment was an easy term to define my feelings. I was totally blown away (like you see in animated comedy where a certain bird sings so off-tune it pops or bursts), am smiling and grinning with such awe and a new level of respect for these young minds. Nice!

So, the group of devoted parents on that long Frozen line in Disney waiting for their turn to sing LET IT GO with their children, the new pop artist that’s finally ‘Gotten one less problem hit song booming away in their little minds and the “Celebrate-when-Jesus come kids’ idea is just a few of the soothing reassurance of devotion and sincerity in a child’s mindfulness that declares a state of active-open attentiveness. We tend to forget that a child will observe our thoughts and feelings from a distance, without judging them good or bad. We as adults need to be mindful of how we appreciate or express life’s value in front of them – in everything we do and what we feed their minds with. So how do you go about instilling a growth mindset in a child? Unlike some adults, children are able to retain and analyze information and, more importantly, imagine concepts. Understanding their minds requires attention and interaction, but trust me, it’s worth it!

Every child wants to know about the simple things in life as well as the complex. Their ability to learn, think, meditate and ponder truly is a gift that God has given them; they have to be nurtured properly every time, not just when an occasion demands it. But E-V-E-R-Y-T-I-M-E!

Today, I am hopeful that someone will connect with a child one-on-one in terms of building a progressive mindset. To retrace steps back to when they were that age and compare the built-up of their own mindset over the years. ‘Ask a child: “I will like to know what you are thinking about” What you hear is the opposite of your own unsung melodies, of what should have been but never did. Tap into the mindset of a child. Stimulate it, bolster it with positive influence, between their aloofness, there’s a message for us. After all, I have learnt from them to (1) celebrate more (2) commit/dedicate more (3) discharge/let it go when necessary. And am still submerging in their young wealth of knowledge. Be a part of an active mindset of tomorrow’s eminence.

May God help us all.




12 thoughts on “‘A moment in the mind of a Child!

  1. Hi Sister Yinka:
    How are you? I am enjoying your articles, please keep them coming . I especially love your writing style, have you ever considered a book? Think it will be a great read. Regards to my brother. God bless!
    Pastor Margaret Q.


  2. This is an exceptional piece. Well sited, well written, well documented. Perhaps, we can feature this in the next e-magazine column. Good job, Yinka.


  3. Anthonia, thanks for this beautiful piece. All the 3 examples shows how our roles as parents also dictates the outcome of our children. We should never take for granted their imaginative minds and be sensitive to what and how we handle their up bringing.


  4. Yinka, good write up. Honestly, You bring your characters to live in your short stories and you leave the readers thinking deep even after reading your articles. You really inspire and ignite Go girl!


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