“What The Steward Saw” (love? greed? lust or deception?) FIND OUT!

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Does love bind? Does it separate the man and the woman? Does it unite a woman’s spirit with her man’s flesh, and his spirit with her flesh, fusing them into one passion? Can it sanctify all? Can it render the flesh holy and the spirit carnal? If so, why all the heart aches, break ups and all the drama?

They say love can often transcend the boundaries of culture and class. Well, so can secrets, lies, jealousy, and the facade of perfection.

Three sisters of African descent, Yetunde, the responsible eldest, Oyinlola, the peacemaker, and the outgoing youngest Kikelomo. They all find themselves set astir by Oyinlola’s unexpected new relationship with William, a former playboy who has now changed his ways and is now a devout Christian… For real? Hmmm.

Seen through the eyes of their long-standing and gossipy steward, Yawa!

“What the Steward Saw” is an evocative and hilarious new show that depicts a blend of Philosophy, Ideologies and Cultural differences as the sisters realize their ordered family has many secrets. So many secrets hidden! Some are obvious and others less so, leading to questions.

Are there unforgivable pasts?  Are there irreconcilable actions or lifestyles?

Scored with multi-genre music, “What The Steward Saw” promises to be an entertaining and thought-provoking night at the theatre!

*** Dates: August 22nd 4pm and 7pm/August 23rd 5pm Only

 *** Venue: 444 Theatre: @ 444 Highland Avenue, Atlanta GA 30312

*** Tickets: $30 Advanced Tickets/ $35 @ Door / $20 @ Group Tickets (10+)

Available online @ www.whatthestewardsaw.com

Ike’s Café @ 920-542-2636

For more information click on www.whatthestewardsaw.com

Yours in HOPE as I proudly promote and celebrate my Childhood-Best-Buddy! – ‘Lo Niyi Ogunsanwo, Director/Producer of BANEO ENTERTAINMENT!