Every Child Thrives!


Empowering Parents & Caregivers, while engaging children with given diagnosis and encouraging Hope through weekly support discussions on coping strategies, resources and treatment planning!

What’s App Closed Support Group – Therapeutic Thursdays with DCN!







2 thoughts on “Every Child Thrives!

  1. While we can not possibly ‘revisit’ our very first emotion, we most certainly can ‘revisit’ all the good times. The good times not only of laughter and success, but also the disappointments and seeming times of defeat. Those times we possibly could have come through alone but with more or deeper scars, those times that love and the knowledge of being loved kept us going. This is most important for us as women. We tend to ‘burn out’ and need recharging. We have to slow down, bring out the old and I mean ooooooollllllldddd pictures, share the stories, laugh at and with one another, praise God for where He has brought us from, where we are and where He is taking us. Most importantly, we need to ask the Holy Spirit who teaches us ALL things to teach us to love……..


    • Well said Toyin, revisiting the “good old times” is certainly an avenue to rekindle the sparkle and recharge our feelings for each other. Absolutely – like all the women I know – constant reminder of how much they are loved and also vice versa for the men – is another constant means of keeping it together. We don’t need to wait for special events to say it or give flowers – feelings expressed spontaneously will more likely make it a lasting one.


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