Hiplife 2016

Is This All That Life Has To Offer You?

Enter into the

h i p l i f e

The life of HOPE, INHERITANCE and POWER in the resurrection of Christ.

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Conversation With Yinka…conver

Part 2: Collection of Short Stories…

Ovi is not always around anyway… ‘Who is Ovi? Omolara snapped back in disgust. Wondering what was going on now. She needed her cousins to explain it all to her.

Ovi is your typical know-it all girlfriend we are aware of, but not interested in hanging out with. Tall, dark- skinned and skinny with puffy show-off bosom that dances along with her excitement during her showcase of telling tales of how her new fiancée Afam had begged her to marry him.

On campus, rumors has it that she’d escorted a friend to Calabar for a traditional wedding and ended up seducing the groom’s older brother, who was also in the process of planning his own wedding far away in Canada to a lady he’s been dating forever – until he came home for his brother’s wedding, met Ovi dancing away to the beats of the local drummers who had come to usher in the bride, Ovi was the center of attraction, it was like she’d secretly paid the drummers to flow with the rhythm of her hips, the local beads around her neck and waist also in acknowledgment of the beats of the drum, all rising and falling in unison with Ovi’s captivating wide laughter and exaggerated passion.

Afam got entangled in Ovi’s web on the dance floor. A web of confusion and catastrophe stated on that dance floor!

Sharing a room with Ovi wasn’t a very good idea, her cousins knew that too, but then, she couldn’t stay off campus alone by herself in a plush-style apartment she’d requested for. Her last letter to Ayibari had indicated “a spacious 2-bedroom apartment with 2 baths and a kitchenette” If only she knew where she was coming to.

So, who in the world is Ovi? And why do I have to stay in this room with her? Ayibara quickly pulled out an extra thin mattress from underneath the main mattress and suggested they quickly return to town before it gets too dark. Trying to avoid any more questions from Omolara, Ayibara and Ifiemi quickly pulled her out of the room and unto the main porch of the main building.

Sharing a room with Ovi is going to be a big challenge for everyone, especially Omolara. But knowing deep in her heart the reason for her escape, Omolara might have to deal with it. She will manage for a while and move on later.

Ovi is always set in her ways. You pass by her while she’s standing outside the lecture hall, boastfully showing off her gold plated engagement ring, and she could easily sense your body deodorant, tell you the name of the fragrance and if allowed tell you it’s the fake product you have on! And of course give suggestions on where to get the “real one”.

There’s always a commotion ready to explode when Ovi is around. She has a particular group of girls who usually hang around her day and night, thrilled and captivated by her “performance” – a rare star! They’d called her once – but Ayibri claimed the girls were just hungry for recognition, intimidated by her fake life and needed to feed from her crumbs, her fake wanna-be crumbs and her…

To Be Continued…




One response to “Hiplife 2016

  1. Tosin

    March 11, 2016 at 5:20 pm

    Very Interesting, I can’t wait to read the continuation



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