What MY HEART needs to know…TWC’17.


They say “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” I-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-i-n-g! Would that be through food or tummy rub? Hmm. Just thinking-out-loud here!  #TimeToRefresh

I am yet to come across the proverb about the way to a woman’s heart, or is the way INTO her more important? flowers? empty promises? trust?  #TimeToRenew

But a woman’s heartfelt emotions never lie, even though she hides the bruises under her sleeves, her heart never stops beating, even when crushed by mere words. #TimeToRestore

In my Aunt’s house in Port Harcourt, where I spent my young adult life while in the University…’there is a huge kitchen, women around the kitchen table and topics that turns heads.

Young and vibrant as I was then, I couldn’t wait to fall in love and prove to them that their talk was cheap…or so I thought!

In that kitchen, there were always women who came to visit my Aunt from different walks of life for motherly advice: There were the single and high maintenance, married and moody, separated, divorced, recently rejected, frequently abused, hidden scar carrier from youth, runaway bride and complicated relationships.

Some came glamorously dressed in their flashy cars while some had to trek or take public transportation with a cranky crying baby strapped on their back. They were always inside the kitchen talking or standing by the sink wiping away tears.

And in the hearts of those women, there was always CONFUSION, HELPLESSNESS & FEAR.

Fear that this time around that mastered recipe of life won’t work for their current circumstances.

That the man who promises love and life would never propose! Or think they are not good enough!

That the single young adult girl will walk down the aisle only when she’s ready, and not when the society dictates or  calculates her biological clock!

That the man in their life will leave his meal unfinished and their marital bed untouched!

That the man they think they know will soon find pleasure in someone else’s arms or home!

That probably she has served him too much affection or not enough. That he is already too full of life, or hungry for something or someone else, and that it will be their fault.

That the womb that’s been praised so much would begin to alert restless in-laws to raise eyebrows and question the delay of childbirth or the loss of a baby?

That the wide beaded hips that swayed to the beats of the drum he so much-loved to hold would never carry the weight of his off springs?

That her place and destiny to propel would never be supported due to His insecurity or male chauvinism!

That the cold hands of death would ever separate them… so soon!

Matters of the heart of a woman may be hidden or tucked away behind the soft succulent tissues of her bosom; covered with fancy fabric woven with care, but also attacked by the  fingers that created the woolen fabric!

I don’t know about you, but for me, I want my heart to know it is okay to heal and beat again… ‘that just like any woman reading this right now to know that:  Hidden behind my skin so fair, soft and tender, that part which has been cracked once and still healing is finally ready to show the world… ‘I GOT THIS” by God’s grace!

So, as we begin to countdown to the upcoming TWC’17 on April 27th to April 29th 2017, permit me to indulge you in some surprises in store: IMG-20170330-WA0012

What should YOUR HEART expect at TWC’17 ?

  • That its time to put the past behind you and…’REFRESH, RENEW & RESTORE

  • Relax in a luxurious 2 night stay at a beautiful golf resort/conference center

  • Get served Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner…’just as you like it!

  • Participate in a One-on-One counselling to discuss those topics we keep locked up

  • Engage in Me-Healing sessions: Will I be heard? Who gets what I am going through?

  • Listen to inspiring ministration from speakers and worship team

  • Indulge in Girls night!! Shhhhhhhh. It’s a surprise! #WeGotGameNight

  • Comedy night.., ’maybe laughter and good jokes is really all a girl needs to warm up her heart! #GuessWho’sComingTonight #FemiObama

  • Workshops & Breakout sessions

  • Support group building and bonding for challenging workplace issues

  • Morning power-walk and Zumba session

  • Share your story and inspire others… #ShareYourStoryInPhilly

As you read this, ask yourself…  ‘What is a valued centerpiece in my heart? Is my heart an arbitrary harbor of commotion? A solitary confinement for hope…ONLY I bear the burden deep inside as I suffer and smile to portray a perfection that is nonexistent? Does anyone care?

Have you ever considered that perhaps God isn’t longing for you to come to Him with perfect, polished prayers, with fifty-cent words and flowery language? Have you thought about the pleasure God experiences when you simply approach him just as you are, fragments, bruises, warts and all, because He loves you? He delights in your attention. He takes pleasure when you come to Him simply because you are His.

Total Woman Movement has a spot waiting for you. Join the movement today! www.totalwomanmovement.com

Yours in HOPE



37 thoughts on “What MY HEART needs to know…TWC’17.

  1. The event, what’s the rate for students in college, I just visited the website and need more information on student rates.
    I believe this is a good platform to address relationship issues we struggle with and how the society plays a role in it.
    Looking forward to your response.
    Seton Hall.


  2. Yinkus!
    You make me proud! Looking forward to seeing more of your accomplishments here in Nigeria too.

    Thinking and writing about things the society hides or forbids is a gifting installed in you from birth by God.

    Known you and your expressive mindset since the early 80′ while at Command V/Island together..
    Keep it up girl!
    I support your movement!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nice one aunty,we need something like this in Nigeria am sure u working on that pretty soon

    Pls for those who need the Facebook page its
    Moving forward with yinka you can like to join and share something’s too God bless you as you do so. Tweeter and IG Page loading pretty soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Yinka,
    My darl Yinka😋
    This article is for me..
    Counting down to the event
    My heart needs to know it is okay to weather the storm of life and shake it off too.
    Thanks for sharing
    Miss you…Philly misses you more..

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh my Goodness!!
    I didn’t know you were such a talented writer, Anthonia!!😊😊😊
    You never mentioned you had a blog either until Kaylee mentioned you in her tweets!!
    Wow! Splendid, just comforting to know you is more than enough! Awww.
    Keep it up, am a fan!😚

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  6. Can i post this on my Facebook page?
    I couldn’t find you on Facebook either, Sis, you’re truly inspiration, please let me know how I can register if it not too late.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Are you on Facebook?
    How can we get more information on inviting you for our Spring Women’s retreat in Grand Rapids?
    This is a masterpiece!


  8. Welcome to Michigan again Anthonia!!!
    You write with so much passion and make every victim reading it feel free to overcome their shortcoming..
    We are all looking forward to having you on our editorial board!! And knowing more about your movement in Philadelphia.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Wow!!!!!!
    Good memories of Aunty Josephine’s kitchen conversation at DLine in PH!!
    Good memories here, I benefited from her mentoring in the 90’s when I had a rough patch with my life..
    May her soul rest in peace.
    Am not surprised you followed this part Yinka, you were always a good listener with a huge heart!
    Keep up the movement, TWC, hopefully next time I visit, I will be available to attend.
    Boma UK

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